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Clydsedales can be a good 4-H horse option

Day focuses on versatility of breed
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4-H members experienced the Clydesdale discussing the horse’s characteristics.

YORKTON - Clydesdale horses are best recognized as workhorses, a breed that helped with everything from plowing to grain deliveries in the earliest days of Canada. 

But the big horses can be quite versatile, with the big horses making fine 4-H projects for youth. 

Getting that message out was the reason for holding a ‘Clydes, Kids & 4-H Day’ at Tail Winds Clydesdales south of Yorkton. 

“What a success,” said Twylla Newton, owner at Tail Winds. “We had groups from Norquay, Disley, Hudson Bay and Melville.” 

In total about 40 4-H youth were involved. 

“All the 4-H members, and their families got to come and experience the Clydesdales,” said Newton. “We discussed the horse’s characteristics, got to see a two-week old baby, tried riding and finished off with a wagon ride.” 

The event was sponsored by Tail Winds and the Saskatchewan Clydesdale Association, with the help of volunteers Twylla Newton, Lee-Anne Toma, Dwight Teal and Shelby Newton. 

A Saturday clinic to teach how to decorate, braid, and halter show, was postponed due to weather.