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Local residents show interest in adult living complex for Canora

Bridge Road is proposing a facility with 12 suites to be built in the Canora Golf Course subdivision.

CANORA - “Good morning, my name is Harry. I’m one of the original starters of this company and I’ve been in the lumber business all my life.”

That’s how Harry Funk, vice-president, founding partner & capital co-ordinator of Bridge Road, introduced himself to approximately 25 Canora and area residents in attendance at the seniors housing market assessment information seminar held at the Town of Canora council chambers on May 8.

Funk said after he had spent many years travelling to many distant locations while in the lumber business, his mom told him, ”Why don’t you do something close to home for seniors?”

Bridge Road is proposing a facility with 12 suites to be built in the Canora Golf Course subdivision. According to information provided at the meeting, Bridge Road is an established developer that focuses on adult active living and multi-level care markets located in rural communities on the Prairies and in Ontario.

To date, Bridge Road has partnered with investors to develop and construct over 30 active living buildings across Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Brandi Zavislak, community development officer, said the Town of Canora would donate the land for the project.

“We want seniors to remain active and have a high quality of life. The proposed facility would be close to the golf course and also have a community garden for residents.”

“We have a track record, “added Funk. “We want to be sensitive to your needs, we don’t want to force anything on you.”

“This facility allows seniors, if they want, to stay in the community where their kids/grandkids are.”

Presently Bridge Road is looking at offering 12 suites in Canora ranging from 800 to 1,400 square feet. The projected rent range is $2,500 to $2,800 per month, along with a projected suite financing loan of $70,000:

• This is a one-time interest-bearing loan, specific to each property, with an annual interest rate of three per cent.

• Interest is offset against monthly rent.

• Rental agreements are structured annually.

• Tenants may have the freedom to renew their agreement as desired.

• Upon vacating the unit, the suite financing loan is reimbursed within 90 days, or sooner if the unit is reoccupied.

The monthly rental fee encompasses:

• utilities, heat, power, and water.

• rent, taxes and maintenance (including building repairs and appliance maintenance for provided items like: fridge, water, stove, range hood, and dishwasher)

• common area upkeep, including cleaning and snow removal.

• access to common room for personal events or gatherings.

Optional parking is available at an additional cost.

At the information seminar, Funk passed out surveys to help gauge the interest of those in attendance as well as what they would be looking for in the proposed project.

Additional surveys are available from Brandi Zavislak at 306-563-5574. Funk said they will need commitments for at least eight or nine of the 12 available units in order for the project to go ahead.

Funk welcomes questions. His phone number is 1-204-856-6278. He suggested taking a tour of one of their facilities, and Zavislak is organizing a trip to Dauphin for a tour of the Bridge Road facility there. For more information or to register, give her a call.