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New Keys administrator familiar to many area residents

Twila Hadubiak has made the move to the RM of Keys office in Canora as administrator, replacing the recently departed Barry Hvidston.
Replacing Barry Hvidston, Twila Hadubiak of Buchanan has taken over as the new administrator for the RM of Keys.

CANORA - After 15 years as the administrator at the RM of Buchanan, Twila Hadubiak has made the move to the RM of Keys office in Canora in a similar position, replacing the recently departed Barry Hvidston.

Her first day in the new position was on Nov. 21, 2023

“I'd like to thank the ratepayers of the RM of Keys and Crystal Lake that I have met so far for welcoming me to their community and look forward to meeting more.”

Twila was born and raised on a mixed Buchanan farm.

“My parents had a mixed farming operation when I grew up and I enjoyed farm life, playing ball, skating, curling, singing and spending time with family and friends.”

Her mother, Eleanor Hadubiak, was the administrator for the Village of Buchanan until her retirement in 2009. Before that, she was an assistant at the RM of Buchanan and her dad Joe Matsalla was a councillor for the RM of Buchanan until his passing in 1972.

“So the RM was always an important part of my family history” said Twila. “When past administrator Karren Statchuk asked if I would be interested in working at the RM office as his assistant in 1996, I was happy to have the opportunity to learn the administration position.”

She said her career path since then has been enjoyable and interesting.

“The job is always changing and evolving, and although we often complain about having to learn new things, it really has been a good thing. I enjoy talking with the ratepayers and listening to their concerns to help make the RM a better place for everyone.”

Twila also worked part-time for the Good Spirit School Division, in the office at the Sask Wheat Pool anhydrous plant, Canada Post and with Shewchuk Insurance.

She said she has fond memories of her time at the RM of Buchanan.

“I really enjoyed all the work put into the RM's 100th anniversary celebration in 2013, delving into a lot of RM and country school history, research about past families and businesses, and looking back at minutes from meetings held years ago. Growing up in the RM of Buchanan, I was always very interested in the history of the area.”

Twila said the new opportunity at the RM of Keys came at a good time, giving her the chance to move on “and work with new people, learn new things and face challenges with confidence and encouragement, learn the history of a new area and meet new people.”

She said experience has been a valuable teacher for her over the years.

“To never be afraid of taking on something new, and to have faith in the decisions you make.”

The new position in Canora has provided her with new challenges.

“With starting my new job at year end, December was busy with ratepayers coming in to pay taxes and I am so happy to have received a very warm welcome, confirming that moving to a new job was the right decision. Although I have been in an RM office for a number of years, each office and RM is different so I am still adjusting to the new ways and different projects and procedures but it has been nothing but great so far.”

Getting out of the office is something Twila is looking forward to in her new position.

“Going on my first road tour to see the different areas that council and ratepayers talk about, where some of the problem areas are, the road, culvert and bridge projects, and operations of the Hamlet of Crystal Lake.

“I am adjusting to the different office procedures that were in place but am still getting used to the new map and ‘nicknames’ of the different areas and roads, so until I am able to go on a road tour it is hard to visualize the areas people are talking about.”

For the new year, Twila is focused on being the best RM of Keys administrator that she can be.

“I'm happy for the opportunity to work with this wonderful council and having a good working relationship with my fellow employees. I look forward to meeting more of the ratepayers and learning about the area, but also balancing it with quality family time.”

Twila lives in Buchanan with her husband Gerald Kwasny. They have two adult children, Caley and Devon, and two grandchildren, Kyler (7) and Brynn (almost 3).

“My favorite thing of all is spending time with my grandchildren, but I also like traveling, camping and fishing.

“I wish all the best to everyone in 2024!”

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