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Young skaters enjoy game action at Canora U11 Hockey Tournament

Three teams from Canora/Preeceville, Norquay and Yorkton each played two games during the March 2 tournament.

CANORA - Canora hosted its U11 Hockey Tournament on March 2, with young players from across the region enjoying their time on the ice in real games against other teams. In addition to the host Canora Cobras/Preeceville Pats combined team, the other two teams entered in the tournament were from Yorkton and Norquay. Each team had the opportunity to play two games during the day.

The tournament opened with Yorkton defeating the host Canora/Preeceville 7-1. The Yorkton team then concluded a perfect day with a 4-2 win over Norquay.

The final game was an exciting, back-and-forth battle, with Norquay outlasting Canora/Preeceville by a final score of 7-5.

“The tournament went really well,” reported Brendon Skibinsky, coach of the Canora/Preeceville team. “Tt was great for all these kids to have the chance to get out there and play. There were no blowouts, it was real good hockey for the fans to watch.”

Skibinsky said he has had an exciting season as coach of the Cobras/Pats squad.

“The kids have made so much progress. Some of them didn’t even know what offside was when the season started. Earlier in the season we lost 33-4 to Yorkton, but we’ve come a long way since then.

“It’s so much fun to coach this group of kids. They all want to work to get better. Being from different communities, I’ve been able to watch them go from not knowing each other, to growing together as a team and becoming friends.”

The U11 Cobras/Pats squad has more to look forward to this season, starting with a playoff battle against Melville.

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