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New Norquay pharmacist shares experiences in health care

Dr. Andriana Howard, a newly licensed pharmacist in Norquay, shared her thoughts on her profession, her ties to the area, and her excitement about the future of healthcare services.

KAMSACK - In a recent interview on the 11th of August, Dr. Andriana Howard, a newly licensed pharmacist in our community, shared her thoughts on her profession, her ties to the area, and her excitement about the future of healthcare services. The conversation shed light on her journey into the world of pharmacy, her experiences as a healthcare professional, and her plans to contribute to the local community.
Andriana, who goes by the title of "Dr. Andriana Howard" due to her involvement in one of the pioneering classes of Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) students, grew up in Norquay and attended Norquay High School. The desire to serve her community, coupled with her background in a healthcare-oriented family, led her to explore a career in pharmacy. Her mother and grandmother were both nurses, and she wanted to be part of the healthcare field while gravitating towards a more clinical and analytical role.
"I'm not big on touchy-feely stuff," Dr. Howard mentioned, reflecting on her choice of pharmacy as a balance between her passion for health care and her preference for a different approach. Starting as a high school student working under previous management at the pharmacy, Dr. Howard’s journey culminated in her becoming a licensed pharmacist. She recounted her experiences during her academic journey, mentioning that it took six years of education and training to achieve her current position.
Discussing her current role, Dr. Howard expressed enthusiasm about practicing within her scope and contributing independently to patient care. "It's nice to test my own boundaries now that I'm here alone by myself." she explained.
The interview also touched on the evolving landscape of pharmacy practice. Dr. Howard revealed that she is part of the early group of PharmD students, and this designation brings with it expanded prescribing authorities. In the near future, pharmacists like Dr. Howard will be able to diagnose and prescribe medications for specific conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, which would enhance access to care, particularly in a community where doctor visits might be challenging to secure.
Dr. Howard’s dedication to her hometown and community was evident as she expressed her excitement about giving back to the place that shaped her. "I'm excited to be back in my hometown... It's nice to be helping people, but also people that I know. I see my family every day, which is nice," she shared. Her commitment to helping people is fueled by the desire to support those familiar faces that she encounters daily.
As she looks forward to her future plans, Andrea mentioned her aspiration to continue working in the community while also focusing on personal goals. She and her husband Wynn Fedorchuk are looking into building a home on an acreage near White Beach.