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Trade show earns money for Kamsack Seniors’ Centre

As a result of the Nov. 5 Christmas Trade Show, a donation of $290 was presented to the Kamsack Seniors’ Centre.

KAMSACK — A total of 15 vendors participated in the Christmas Trade Show held at the Kamsack Seniors’ Centre on Nov. 5 and as a result, a donation of $290 was presented to the Centre.

The donation represents the fees collected from the vendors after expenses, said Shelley Filipchuk, an organizer of the event.

Several familiar vendors, as well as a rainbow auction, were part of the trade show, including Kathy Handzuik with Mary Kay cosmetics, Filipchuk with Tupperware, Nancy Weinhandl with I Used to Be products, Megan Straus with rocks and semiprecious stones, and Charlene Harmary with Young Living essential oils and handmade jewellery.

A novel and interesting addition to the show was a working still that Jena McKee of Bowsman, Man. had at her booth entitled Canadian Flora Essential Oils.

“We’re connecting with nature, one drop at a time,” McKee said. “All of our products are produced from plants that are harvested right here in the Swan River Valley, Manitoba.

“Since these products are all made from plants that we as Canadians already have some familiarity with, I find that we experience a much deeper sense of calm and connection when we use the scents in our daily lives,” McKee said on her Internet webpage:

“I just love seeing the excitement and enjoyment in a customer’s eyes when they recognize a scent from their childhood or from their memories in the bush,” she said. “I feel like, these days, many of us are suffering from a lack of connection to the natural world, and through the use of locally produced essential oils and botanical products, we can find that connection again, without even leaving the house or office.

“Five per cent of every sale is donated to The Nature Conservancy of Canada, so you can feel good about every purchase,” she said.

“You can even just add drops of oil to cotton balls or felt pads and throw them in your gym bag, purse, car, drawers or closets to keep all of your things smelling fresh,” she said. “Make your own body rollers / massage oil infused with essential oil. Simply add five to 10 drops of your favourite oil to a roller bottle or dropper bottle and add vegetable oil to fill, such as avocado or olive oil.”

One may create a warm and inviting atmosphere by diffusing essential oils in the home/office, she said. “Did you know your wax melter can be used for pure essential oils as well? Just add water then a few drops of oil before lighting.

“Infuse bath salts with essential oils and enjoy a beautiful 'nature bath.’ Simply add drops of oil to a container of salts to your desired smell, then add to bath and enjoy.”

McKee said that she chips the tree material prior to distilling to increase the surface area of material that will be exposed to the steam, and thus increasing the yield of essential oil.

“All products are steam distilled in our food grade stainless steel still,” she said. “We are able to distill about 25kg of chipped tree material per batch, which typically produces about 50-100ml of essential oil. Flower material such as yarrow, mint and rose have a much lower yield.” 

Lisa Robertson of Minitonas, Man., tended a booth entitled Resin it Up ‘n’ Cedar Rox Jewelry. It featured tumbled and painted rocks, a resin-coated wasps’ hive and ornaments created with resin. She also made a collection of ornaments to hang in windows that pay homage to the flag of Ukraine.

Annie Morenos of Kamsack prepared and served south-east Asian food, including Molo soup, a soup from the Philippines, that was made “from scratch” and included pork and vegetables.

Another vendor new to the Kamsack area was a display of Scentsy products shown by Ashley Vance of Canora who was accompanied by her husband Joseph. Scentsy produces are basically home fragrances and includes various cleaners and household supplies, Ashley explained.

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