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Yorkton council refines strategic priorities list

Adds pair to top-five listing
Yorkton Council worked on its Strategic Priorities Chart at its Committee-of-the-Whole meeting Monday.
YORKTON - Yorkton Council took an end of third quarter look at its Strategic Priorities Chart at its Committee-of-the-Whole meeting Monday. 

At Council’s strategic planning session from November 2020, they committed to reviewing our strategic priority chart on a quarterly basis. 

The review allows Administration the opportunity to provide Council with an update on progress from the strategic objectives assigned. 

More importantly, it gives Council the opportunity to provide further direction to administration on the objectives that are deemed a priority, noted material circulated Monday. 

The framework has been set up to make progress in each quarter such that priorities and objectives can be accomplished. 

Councillor Randy Goulden said she liked the charting process that has been created as it provides Council with an easy way to track what has been established as a need in the city, citing the addition of work toward a framework for Truth and Reconciliation for the City added from the most recent regular meeting of Council, and the recent add of a possible partnership with YBID on downtown parking. 

Since the process was began 17 priorities that were established have been completed. 

“It’s nice to see what’s been achieved,” noted Coun. Dustin Brears. 

Coun. Ken Chyz said he felt some of the completed priorities were not fully complete in his mind. 

City Manager Lonnie Kaal noted with some of the larger projects certain elements may become a priority, be addressed and then another aspect of the same project becoming a priority later on. 

“Some of these might take three years to do,” with it reoccurring as a priority, she said. 

Heading into Monday’s meeting the current top-five priorities included; 

  • Explore Kinsmen Arena options 
  • A Play Zone Safety Review 
  • Three-year budget objectives (operation and capital) 
  • Business Marketing: Yorkton Gaps and Targets 

The fifth slot was empty. 

“The top-five are the absolute get them done now,” said Kaal. 

The meeting made the recommendation to go to Council next Monday to fill the empty slot with a Fleet Operations Review which was already on the ‘next priorities list. 

Council then chose to recommend deferring the Business Marketing: Yorkton Gaps and Targets from the top-five until such time as the business liaison position was filled by the city. 

The empty slot was then recommended to be filled by a Residential Lot Inventory Review. 

The recommendations will go to the regular meeting of Yorkton Council Monday for final approval.