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Dundurn businessman aims to break dino costume record

Will Dundurn set a new Guinness World Record?
The promotional image that has been shared more than 2,000 times.

SASKATOON — Dinosaurs are expected to flood Dundurn’s Main Street this summer when a business owner aims to put the town on the Guinness World Record map.

Big Mur’s Tavern owner Gary Grady said they hope to break the 380 people wearing inflatable dinosaur costumes set in Portland, Oregon, last summer.

Grady told the event started as a joke that he said to his wife Sharon one Sunday afternoon, to which she responded they should do it.

“I saw on Instagram that the current record was set last year in Portland. I thought, ‘well, they had 380 people set the record. I’m pretty sure Saskatchewan could beat it,’’ said Grady.

“And now, we are here where some people from Edmonton and Kelowna signed up—mostly western Canada. I haven’t heard from Manitoba yet. But it would not be surprising.”

He added that they started planning the event that Sunday, and promoted it on Big Mur’s Tavern’s Facebook page, where it has been shared 1,300 times.

It gained a tremendous response as it has been shared over 2,000 times since they posted it on their social media page on March 12.

Based on Bug Mur’s Tavern’s Facebook page, there have already established a new record as 393 people had already registered, with the number expected to rise before the July 1 event.

However, the number still needs to be counted and verified by Guinness World Record representatives before making it official.

“It has about a reach of 130,000 people. It has taken traction and I am a bit worried if [130,000 people show up] we do,” Grady said jokingly.

He said they are planning the logistics since Dundurn, about 45 kilometres south of Saskatoon, is a small town of over 600 residents.

“We will cordon off Main Street beside my business and it is in conjunction with our July 1 Canada Day celebration. It is a gathering and we will have entertainment,” said Grady.

“It is mostly to have everyone show up in their dinosaur costumes and have a photo opportunity. We will have certificates for everyone for the record attempt.” Grady said the inflatable dinosaur costume is not limited to a T-Rex and can be other inflatable dinosaur costumes you can buy online.

“Quite a few say they will be a pterodactyl or brontosaurus, where two people might be inside. I don’t know,” he added with a laugh.