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FSIN provides winter clothing to the needy

FSIN will also give away winter gear in Regina and Prince Albert

SASKATOON — Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations executive members gave away winter gear to everyone who availed the services provided by Friendship Inn on a snowy Wednesday morning.

FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron, First Vice Chief David Pratt and Fourth Vice Chief Heather Bear joined Friendship Inn staff led by Executive Director Sandra Kary in handing over winter jackets, toques and gloves to those who were having their breakfast and keeping themselves warm.

Cameron, speaking to members of the media, said their gesture is to keep the holiday spirit alive and also an act of kindness that a lot of people are also doing to help those who are most in need.

“Many of the people that come to the Friendship Inn or down at the Lighthouse are our people. So, we are trying to give back in any way we can. We try to make life a little easier and better for those who are struggling.”

He challenged other groups to also give back to the community, especially this Christmas season.

“We’re happy to do this. We’re honoured to do this. We’re humbled to do this. And we’ll continue doing this as long as we can. We are encouraging, and expecting, and hoping that other organizations here in the city and the province to do the same,” said Cameron.

He added that everyone needs winter gear and a warm meal as the weather gets colder and snow showers become more frequent.

“If we can put all our resources together, our hearts and minds together, we will take care of our homeless people. None of them should go without a warm meal and warm clothing. That’s what we’ve been doing. It’s a message to everybody, help us support our most vulnerable people, and we can do it.”

Two of the recipients thanked FSIN for providing winter clothing and Friendship Inn for always having a warm place and meals for everyone that enters the facility.

“’Thank you, bless you all, and we love you,' are the words that keeps us feel good. Those words alone give you a nice feeling. It feels good to help,” said Cameron.

First Vice Chief Pratt added that being able to help the most vulnerable members of every community gives them a sense of accomplishment.

“To be able to provide warm clothing to a number of our people who are challenged economically is a good feeling. It is also important to acknowledge the Friendship Inn for the good work that they’ve been doing; allowing us to come here is very important since we can’t forget our most vulnerable,” said Pratt.

“The holiday is around the corner and a lot of us are very privileged and we can’t forget the ones that don’t have anything. So, this is our way of giving back and our way of acknowledging them. Letting them know that we’re here doing our best to help them every day.”

Kary thanked FSIN and all their partners who assist them with their work at Friendship Inn.

“We’re really grateful that we have partners like FSIN support our guests and we’re pleased to have them here offering coats and warm outerwear for the holiday season.”

The FSIN bought 300 pieces of winter clothing for the City of Saskatoon as they also went to The Lighthouse Supported Living the same day. Tomorrow they will be at Camp Hope in Regina and are also scheduled to visit Prince Albert.