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Preeceville students bring home medals

Pre-districts track and field meet has Preeceville athletes soaring to new hiighs.
Camryn Nelson from the Preeceville School track team won a medal at the district track and field meet held in 2022.

PREECEVILLE- Preeceville students represented their school and brought home an impressive haul of medals during the East Central District Athletic Association pre-district track meet held in Yorkton on May 14.

Students who placed participated and placed in the top three of their categories were as follows,

PeeWee Boys

Carter Moekerk, 100m, 200m and 400; Gavin Erickson, 100m, 200m, long jump and high jump; Levi Maier, 400m/800m/1500m and discus; Wayne Regudo, long jump, high jump and triple jump, and Ethan Balawyder, shotput and discus. Levi Maier placed first in the 800m., 1,500 m., and discus. Gavin Erickson placed first in long jump and high jump and second in high jump. Wayne Regudo placed second in long jump, first in triple jump. Ethan Balawyder placed first in shotput.

PeeWee Girls

Hailey Spray, 100m and first in shotput; Kiarah Federuik, 200m and 800m (third), and Melissa Durand, 200m,400m., 800m (second) and long jump.

Bantam Boys

Blake Descalchuk, 200m, long jump(second), shotput (first) and discus(second); Jian Iscian, 200m, 400m (second), long jump (third) and high jump (third), and Seth Reynolds, javelin.

Bantam Girls

Savannah Nielson, 100m, 200m(third), 400m (second) and long jump(third) and Maria Anguluan, triple jump.

Intermediate Boys

Luke Sandager,100m, 200m, long jump (third) and triple jump (first); Hudson Maier, 800m (first); 1500m (first), 3000m (first) and discus (first), and Carter Halkyard, long jump, triple jump and high jump.

Intermediate Girls

Devon Purdy, 100m, 400m (third), long jump (second) and javelin (third); Maggie Bartel, 400m (first), 800m (second) , hurdles (first) and triple jump(third), and Amber Spray, long jump (first), shotput (first), discus (first) and javelin (first).

Junior Girls

Sarah Masko, shotput (first), discus (first) and javelin (first); Kiya Tucker, shotput (second) discus (second) and javelin third), and Myrandah Gagnon participated in shotput and javelin events.

Senior Girls

Asia Kilborn, long jump, shotput, discus (first) and javelin and Cassidy Patterson, shotput (second) and javelin.