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Saskatoon fire department responds to carbon monoxide concern

A heating unit was the source
The Saskatoon Fire Department continue to raise awareness on the importance of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in our houses and other establishments.

SASKATOON — The Saskatoon Fire Department responded early Friday morning to a call reporting a natural gas smell in a structure in the 2000 block of Airport Drive.

A fire engine, one ladder truck, and the Battalion Chief were dispatched after that 2:42 a.m. call. First arriving fire crews identified a carbon monoxide issue and not a natural gas leak.

SaskEnergy was requested to attend after readings taken throughout the seven-storey hotel with variances of 10 to 61 parts per million.

Fire crews, after investigating, identified the source of the carbon monoxide concern was one of the heating units on the roof.

Fire crews had the staff at the hotel shut down the defective rooftop unit and carbon monoxide levels began decreasing immediately. Fire crews began ventilating the building with fans.  

Two hours into the incident, relief crews had to be sent in as the fire trucks on scene were at risk of freezing up. Temperatures at this time were -46 C. 

Ventilation efforts were not disrupted with this change out of apparatus and carbon monoxide continued to be removed from the building. 

SaskEnergy remained on scene assisting fire crews and assessing the heating equipment. Just after 6 a.m., the readings for carbon monoxide were down to zero.

Fire crews left the scene at 6:43 a.m. and returned to their stations. No medical concerns or injuries were identified with any person(s) staying or working at the hotel.

Evacuation and/or relocation of occupants was not required. An SFD Fire Inspector is doing a follow-up investigation.