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Scout Couch Rally May 14

Three teams taking part
Three teams of Scouts will be racing pushing couches around Yorkton Saturday.

YORKTON - If you see a bunch of youth pushing a couch around the city May 14, don’t worry it’s just the Boy Scouts competing in the sixth ‘not-so-annual’ couch rally. 

Local Scout leader Kent Latimer said this year three teams of Scouts, the local troop and two teams for Regina – about 25 Scouts in total -- will be pushing couches around the city in search of a number of specific locations. Once they find the spot, they snap a photo on the couch, and head to the next location. 

“It’s just a fun day to get out and explore Yorkton,” said Latimer. 

The key is the youth have to push, pull, or somehow get the couches around the city under their own power. 

“It has to be Scout-powered,” explained Latimer. 

The race day kicks off with a breakfast at 9, then the Scouts head out at 10. 

Latimer said they will be “given a map of the city” and a list of places they must visit. What route they take is up to the Scouts. 

The local Scouts “should have a hometown advantage,” admitted Latimer, but added they will only find out where they have to go at the same time as their competitors. He said it will likely come down to which team best plans its course.