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Sturgis sportsmen trophies measured by wildlife group

Sturgis branch of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation showed off sportsman prized antlers through its antler measuring.
Blair Mitchell, right, scored a set of antlers brought in by Bert Suknasky on behalf of his daughter Teresa.

STURGIS-The Sturgis branch of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation hosted its annual antler measuring event at the Sturgis Kin Hut on Jan. 12.

Blair Mitchell measured the antlers that were brought in.

There was one mule deer, 14 White-tailed deer, two moose and one elk that were brought to be measured.

The club has had a quiet year with the annual awards event scheduled for March 2, reported Rob Wilcott, president of the Sturgis branch.

“We also set aside time in the spring and fall for the RCMP to have access to our gun range for rifle certification,” said Wilcott. “This gun range is a shared site with the Preeceville Wildlife branch. The club entered into another lease agreement with Peniuk Farms. We have some concerns about wolves. There is an increasing presence of wolves and it is just a matter of time before the population expands to our area with the migration of moose, who find it easier to feed off canola fields than to eat tree bark in the forest.

“We have a small club but we do what we can and are always looking for new members and want to encourage the youth to get involved in hunting and with the club,” concluded Wilcott.

Executive for Sturgis Wildlife are: Wilcott as president; Ashten Walker, vice-president; Daniel Wasylenchuk, secretary and treasurer;  Russell Walker, membership chair; Kelly Masley, awards chair; Ashten Walker and Russell Walker as fundraising co-chairs. There are also six directors who sit on the board.