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Surprise lottery win gets attention at Lawson Heights Mall

Lottery winner is looking forward to reducing some financial pressure.
Margaret Bell
Margaret Bell of Saskatoon is $161,244.02 richer.

SASKATOON — Margaret Bell added the All In to her Poker Lotto ticket and she’s glad she did. That’s because the All In she added to her ticket made her prize jump from $10,000 to $161,244.20.

Purchasing her ticket at the Lawson Heights Mall Lottery Kiosk at 134 Primrose Dr. in Saskatoon on June 30, Bell was distracted looking at scratch tickets when she heard the retailer say, ‘I’ve never seen that before,’ as the game’s instant win results came up on screen.

“I was looking around expecting something weird at the mall,” said Bell.

The Saskatoon resident was pleasantly surprised when she realized that it was her prize attracting attention.

“Everyone was watching that it was a $161,000 win!” she said. “My knees felt weak. My brain went completely blank and I didn’t even end up buying the scratch tickets that I originally wanted.”

One of Bell’s three hands matched a pair of jacks or better for $2, while another hand matched a Royal Flush for $10,000, plus the $151,240.20 All In jackpot. To top it off, she then won another $2 on Poker Lotto’s nightly draw.

And while Bell doesn’t have any specific plans for her winnings yet, she’s looking forward to reducing some financial pressure.

“It’s kind of a relief, you know. You don’t have to worry as much about things,” she added.

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