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Tourism Yorkton sends report to City Council

Good year for tourists in 2021
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Randy Goulden is Executive Director of Tourism Yorkton.
YORKTON - Tourism Yorkton submitted its annual report to Council Monday. 

In the report it was noted “Travel and tourism generated an estimated $42.2 million in travel receipts in the Yorkton constituency (2019), and “Local employment: Out of the 71,800 people employed within Saskatchewan, there were 1,718 people employed in the tourism related industries in the Yorkton constituency (2018).”

Provincially, Saskatchewan employs 71,800 people in tourism related industries (2019). 

There are 4,200 tourism products and services in Saskatchewan, and Travel and tourism generates an estimated $2.24 billion in travel receipts annually in Saskatchewan. 

Locally, 2021 highlights included: 

*Tourism Yorkton has the second largest membership (after Saskatoon) of a destination marketing organization in Saskatchewan.

*The metal train in front of the building was transformed with bright colourful yarn (a form of graffiti or street art) designed and knit by local artists Michelle Easton and Tonia Vermette. 

Tourism Yorkton is open to the public on a year-round basis, providing tourist services and information about the Yorkton area and Saskatchewan. That includes travel literature and guides, maps, information about attractions, highway conditions, crop information, souvenirs, telephone, washrooms, water supply, sewer dumping station and more. Information is also available about British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, northern USA and Alaska. 

This year Tourism Yorkton received 1,281 (2020) requests for information by telephone, email, website-based inquiries and mail. Information was sent out to people in Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Northwest Territories, New Brunswick, Yukon, Nunavut, United States and overseas.