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Twenty-six Preeceville graduates honoured

Graduates set off into the sunset with Preeceville graduation ceremony.
Members of the Preeceville School 2024 graduating class who took part in the ceremony on June 14, from left, were: Dixon Paul, Noah Carroll, Alex Pederson, Matthew Newton, Zander Neitling, Keane Balyski, Tristan Acosta, John Somera, Matthew Korney, Zander Purdy, Nathan Newbury, Lyndon Gawrelitza, Gabby Murray, Riely Turchinetz, Cassidy Paterson, Haley Payette, Catrina Marnell, Shayla Roelens, Hallie Petryshyn, Aliya Redoblado, Marhea Quibod, Payton Sorgen, Star Ross, Destiny Goossen, Abigail Snider and Cyrus Stittle.

PREECEVILLE - The Preeceville School honoured 26 graduates in a ceremony at the Preeceville Skating Arena that featured presentation of scrolls and scholarship awards on June 14.

Graduates were escorted to the stage area by their parents.

Members of the 2024 graduating class were, Tristan Acosta, Keane Balyski, Noah Carroll, Lyndon Gawrelitza, Destiny Goossen, Matthew Korney, Catrina Marnell, Gabrielle Murray, Zander Neitling, Nathan Newbery, Matthew Newton, Cassidy Paterson, Dixon Paul, Haley Payette, Alex Pederson, Hallie Petryshyn Zander Purdy, Marhea Quibod, Aliya Redoblado, Shayla Roelens, Star-Lynn Ross, Abigail Snider, John Somera, Payton Sorgen, Cyrus Stittle and Riely Turchinetz

The program kicked off with the introduction of each graduate and their parents, who escorted them to the stage area.

Tristan Acosta, was escorted by his parents Alexander and Jennifer Acosta.. After high school Tristan plans to attend SaskPolytech in Regina for a diploma in IT (Information Technology).

Keane Balyski, was escorted by his parents Chris and Amanda Balyski. Keane plans to begin working on the pipeline this summer and into the next year.

Noah Carroll, was escorted by his parents, Scott and Chrystal Carroll. Noah plans to take a gap year to work and to seek the Lord’s guidance for clear direction for his future before pursuing any further education.

Lyndon Gawrelitza was escorted by his parents Greg and Heather Gawrelitza. Lyndon will be attending the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology in Winnipeg in the fall, taking an electronics service technician course.

Destiny Goossen, escorted by her parents Lia and Darryl Goossen, plans on going to the University of Saskatchewan to study psychology.

Matthew Korney, was escorted by his mom, Jacky and after high school, Matthew plans to attend Sask Polytechnic in Moose Jaw for a diploma in architecture.

Catrina Marnell was accompanied by her parents Dave Knox and Tuk Knox. Her future plans are unsure at this time.

Gabrielle Murray was escorted by her parents Brian and Kim Murray, and plans to work for the summer before moving to Saskatoon to attend school at MC College, where she has been accepted into the esthetics program.

Zander Neitling was escorted by his mom Stacey and Merlin Alberts. Zander plans to work at the Nutrien Potash Mine in Lanigan.

Nathan Newbery, was escorted by his dad Mark Newbery and mom Karen VanDeWoestyne. Nathan has been accepted to Sask Polytech in Moose Jaw in the business program.

Matthew Newton was escorted by his parents Darin and Lori Newton. Matthew has been accepted into the welding course at SaskPolytech in Moose Jaw, where he plans to achieve his red seal certification and move to Alberta.

Cassidy Paterson was escorted by her parents Dodi and Jim Paterson. In the upcoming year, Cassidy plans to attend the University of Alberta in Edmonton, where she will be studying criminology in hopes of later attending Law School.

Dixon Paul was escorted by his parents Tanya McEwen and Cory Paul. After school he hopes to continue work in Regina and then pursue a career in welding.

Haley Payette was escorted by her parents Tracy Strijak and Trenton Grzech. After high school, she plans on attending SaskPolytech in Saskatoon to future her education in the health field.

Alex Pederson was escorted by his mom Connie Johnson. Alex is currently working construction with Evolution Masonry, and is going to take a year off of school to work and save up money while he decides the course for the rest of his life.

Hallie Petryshyn was escorted by her parents Patricia and Johnny Petryshyn. Hallie will be attending the University of Regina in September in the nursing field.

Zander Purdy, was escorted by his parents Jason and Melissa Purdy. In the fall, Zander is going to be attending SaskPolytech in Saskatoon for a degree in power engineering.

Marhea Quibod was escorted by her parents Marti and Rhea Parcon. This fall, Marhea will be embarking on her nursing journey in Calgary.

Aliya Redoblado, was escorted by her parents Jacqueline Sayson and Ian Redoblado. In the fall, Aliya plans to attend SAIT in Calgary where she is conditionally accepted into the legal assistant program and hopes to pursue her career in the law field. 

Shayla Roelens, was escorted by her parents, Laura and Cory Roelens. Shayla will be attending the University of Saskatchewan for a bachelor of science degree.

Star-Lynn Ross was escorted by her parents Carrie-Anne Ross and Matthew Sekel. After graduation, Star-Lynn plans to extend her education further for a bigger brighter future.

Abigail Snider was escorted by her parents Ab and Dawn Snider. After high school, Abigail is going to attend Sask Polytech for her diploma in mental health and addictions counselling.

John Somera was escorted by his parents Kevin Lamsen and Janice Alcodia. His future plans are unsure.

Payton Sorgen was escorted by her parents Brett and Christina Sorgen. In the fall, Payton will be attending Millar College of the Bible, located in Pambrun, Sask. to deepen her understanding of the Bible and her relationship with the Lord.

Cyrus Stittle was escorted by his parents Cassandra Lindsay and Tyler Stittle, stepfather Nathan Macrea and younger sister Emery Stittle.

Riely Turchinetz, was escorted by her parents Trisha and Jared Stefanyshyn, and Wayne Turchinetz. This summer Riely is taking her EMR course where she then plans to become a paramedic.

Denise Olson was the guest speaker and Cassidy Paterson was the graduating class valedictorian. The graduates received messages of good wishes from: His Honour the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, Mr. Russ Mirasty, and on behalf of Minister of Education Jeremy Cockrill, and also Canora-Pelly MLA Terry Dennis.

Chris Balyski, board member, gave the Good Spirit School Division Board address.

“As we gather here, I am reminded of an inspirational quote that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Preeceville School and its surroundings. In a small town, you grow up together, not just in age but in knowledge and wisdom,” said Balyski.

“Graduates, as you prepare to leave the familiar halls of the Preeceville School always remember that you carry with you the values and lessons leaned here. Use the education you have received as a tool to empower yourselves and those around you. Be the change makers, the innovators and the leaders that our world needs,” he concluded.

Shaunea Betty, Superintendent of School Operations for GSSD presented the graduation scrolls accompanied by Chris Balyski.

The program concluded with a grand march of graduates and their escorts.