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Tilting at voters at the pinball cafe

Saskatchewan Liberal Party leader Jeff Walters finds fun way to interact with potential supporters.

SASKATOON — Saskatchewan Liberal Party leader Jeff Walters enjoyed Saturday playing pinball and discussing politics with random people during a Pinball & Politics meet-and-greet event at Pokey’s Pinball Café at 33rd Street.

Sask. Liberals vice-president Roman Todos, a previous riding president in the province, came up with the concept of the event since they had used Pokey’s before as a venue for the other party functions.

“It is a fun and different way of discussing politics and also supporting local businesses in the community,” Todos told SASKTODAY. He lives in the neighbourhood.

More than 20 people, including one from the city of Humboldt, joined Todos and Walters in the come-and-go event where the latter also had the chance to play pinball with whoever wanted to challenge him.

“For a Saturday afternoon during the summer, it’s a good turnout. People are enjoying the nice weather outdoors or at the lake,” added Todos.

Walters, who was elected as party leader late last year, said the Saturday Pinball & Politics event was their way to enjoy and relax after going through a whirlwind of events.

“We’ve been going pretty hard these past several months and it is a nice idea to have a place where people want to come, even if it’s just us. It’s just a time where we can sit back and just be ourselves. Let your hair down, I guess.”

“Some of us do not have hair anymore,” Todos interjected with a smile.

Walters said that it was Todos who suggested holding an event at Pokey’s. “We were just trying to find a place where people can have games they can play.”

He added that Saturday’s Pinball & Politics event was a light moment for their party before getting more serious in the coming months.

“Before Thanksgiving, we have a byelection that’s going to be happening and we have a petition that’s been going on. A lot of heavy things are coming up that will take a lot of our time. This is just the calm after the storm,” said Walters.

The byelection is for the Saskatoon-Meewasin position of former Saskatchewan NDP leader Ryan Meili while the Sask. Liberals launched a petition that wants an independent inquiry into how the provincial government, led by Premier Scott Moe, handled the COVID-19 pandemic.


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