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Yorkton Chamber releases results of survey on voluntary vaccination passports/certificates

Respondents generally split in the views
Summer Chamber of Commerce
Yorkton Chamber of Commerce survey asked its members two questions.
YORKTON - The Yorkton Chamber of Commerce recently conducted a survey about ‘Voluntary Vaccination Passports/Certificates.’, and the results are in.

The survey posed two questions to its members.

Question 1 asked ‘Are you supportive of voluntary vaccination passports/certificates to access public places?’

The survey showed 39.8 per cent of the respondents replying ‘yes’, while 60.2 per cent replied ‘no’.

Question 2 asked ‘Are you supportive of voluntary vaccination passports/certificates if it means your business doesn’t have to go through another lock down?’

The responses were split with 50 per cent responding ‘yes’, while 50 per cent responded ‘no’.

Upon review of the results by the Chamber’s Policy committee, the Yorkton Chamber will not take a position for or against a voluntary passport.

Marty Sveinbjornson, President of the Yorkton Chamber stated, “these results clearly show that the business community is divided on voluntary vaccination passports. The Chamber supports the provincial government’s efforts to encourage people to get their vaccinations.”

Sunil Shah, Chair of the Policy committee indicated that vaccination passports and lockdowns are not related.

“Lock down of businesses should be avoided at all costs,” he said. “The Yorkton Chamber is not in favour of more lock downs and restrictions. The focus should be on expanding the capacity of the health care system to care for those who fall ill.”

The Yorkton Chamber of Commerce is the “voice of business in Yorkton” and has a membership of over 430.