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Yorkton Council hears about Multicultural Week

Saskatchewan Multicultural Week is Nov 19-27.
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Saskatchewan Multicultural Week promotes the advantages of multiculturalism. (File Photo)

YORKTON - Darlene Stakiw representing the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan (MCoS), appeared before the regular meeting of Yorkton Council Monday to help raise awareness for Saskatchewan Multicultural Week (Nov 19-27).

The week promotes the advantages of multiculturalism.

Throughout the week people are encouraged to engage in conversations that focus on diversity, collective strength and contributions, as well as our challenges.

Diversity and inclusion are the foundation blocks of the Canadian identity and are globally acknowledged.

Join the conversation and help us spread the word! Throughout Saskatchewan Multicultural Week we hope to see the message of community, diversity and equity spread far and wide, said Stakiw.

Celebrate Community - So many of us have experienced isolation. We now have a deeper understanding of the value of our community connections and it’s important to show that we value all members of our communities, businesses, or organizations. Inclusive spaces are welcoming and respectful relationships create a sense of belonging and value, she continued.

Human diversity encompasses individual and community identities including experiences, abilities, gender, age, perceived race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, faith/spirituality, socio-economic status, etc. Each of us deserves to live in dignity and to be treated with respect. We are enriched by the diversity in our communities, businesses, and organizations through the ways we see the world, our stories, values, beliefs, traditions, and expressions of these cultural foundations, detailed material shared with Council.

In 1974, Saskatchewan was the first province to enact multiculturalism legislation, recognizing the right of every community to retain its identity, language and traditional arts and sciences for the mutual benefit of citizens. In 1997, the Act was revised and a section of the Act states the policy should preserve, strengthen and promote Aboriginal cultures and acknowledge their historic and current contribution to development of Saskatchewan, notes

The Act states broadly the provincial multiculturalism policy and provides the Minister power to carry out the purpose of the Act. The Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan (MCoS) was founded on November 22, 1975 for the development and promotion of these multicultural values. Saskatchewan Multicultural Week is celebrated each November the week that includes November 22.