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Yorkton Terriers visit local school

M.C. Knoll School valuesr elationships and community.
The Yorkton Terriers have regularly visited M.C. Knoll School.

YORKTON -  A number of Yorkton Junior Terriers visited M.C. Knoll School recently.

“We have been very lucky to host Terriers players at our school a number of times throughout the year,” explained Phil Adams principal at the school, adding the players have interacted with students in various ways including taking students to Weinmaster Park, attending the school’s Halloween Dance, to supporting in-class learning. “Terriers players have been a consistent presence at M.C. Knoll School.”

Most recently, players spent time in Grade 3 supporting learning stations and engaging with students in small groups.

“They even signed some autographs,” said Adams.

Adams added the school wants the community involved when possible.

“At M.C. Knoll School we value relationships and community,” he said. “The Terriers have supported those values this year and our students and staff appreciate it.”