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Nordic walking in Yorkton: Getting fit & social fun

The pole type is used in a different way depending on the needs and goals of each walker.
Judy Kodiak, Diane Davis and Brenda Leppington crossed paths with Bernie Wlock and Brad Ouart on Logan Green.

YORKTON - As the days are getting longer and the sun has melted the snow and ice the local walking trails are teaming with walkers, joggers and strollers.

And, a Nordic walker, what used to be an unusual sight has become the norm. 

Anne Stupak and Karen Ransome, Certified Urban Pole instructors, have now marked their first year of hosting Urban Pole Clinics at the Flexihall at the Gallagher Center. 

"It is simply amazing how the participants can feel the difference the poles make in being able to walk with better balance and in a more upright position," Stupak stated.

"The poles work the whole body when using the poles in the way they were created to be used. The Activator poles are meant to aid in balance and stability, while the Urban poles are used to give a whole body workout aimed at core strengthening, increased heart rate and calorie burn."

The pole type is used in a different way depending on the needs and goals of each walker.

"The Clinics we have hosted indoors at the Gallagher Center gives each walker a chance to try the poles that we supply, giving instruction in both types so that the attendee can really get a good feel for what walking with poles is like," Ransome commented.

They will continue to host clinics in May at the Gallagher Centre, Wednesdays May 17 and 31, starting at 1:00 p.m. -- call the Gallagher Center to register at 306-785-1740.

The two instructors want to also create walking groups that meet on a regular basis.

"Now that the weather is warmer and the ice is gone, we are meeting outdoors at the Botanical Gardens, Tuesdays and Fridays starting at 1:00 (p.m.). Everyone is welcome to come and take a walk for as long as they wish and at a pace that they wish,” said Stupak. “It's nice not to walk alone and a great way to meet new and old friends within the group."

With walking being the number one exercise that all health practitioners prescribe to their clients, the social aspect of walking together by joining a walking group multiplies the benefit to each individual, said Ransome.

“We have had a wonderful year of bringing Nordic walking to the City of Yorkton and the surrounding area. We are proud to see a number of people out walking with poles and gratified to hear the stories from our walkers and how these poles have impacted their lives, the weight loss, the ability to walk further, better posture and confidence when walking. Stories of less pain when walking, happy to get their strength back after knee or hip surgery and overall feeling good when out walking with poles,” said Stupak.

“We appreciate all those that have taken our clinics and we look forward to continuing to teach the health benefits of walking and full body workout by walking with poles.” The duo’s mission is to continue to promote Nordic walking with Urban Poling Clinics and to continue to promote and organize walking groups.

If anyone is interested in learning more about walking with poles or interested in hosting a clinic, contact Anne Stupak at 306-621-8926 or [email protected]