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Christmas message

By Rev. Kim Salo and Rev.

By Rev. Kim Salo and Rev. Susan Salo,

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Kamsack


            Will it be another busy Christmas season for you? Or will Christmas draw us nearer to God and each other? Here’s some ideas for keeping Christ in your Christmas this year:

            Enjoy Christmas! These are not just holidays, they are Holy Days! Jesus is the reason for the season, so let’s celebrate! Take time to enjoy Christmas this year with your family, your friends, your church.

            Reach out to others over this season of cheerful giving, and keep the habit into the New Year. Help with a Christmas dinner in the community, fill a Christmas hamper, send a Christmas card to a shut-in, knit mitts and share them. Reach out with the love of Jesus.

Pray for inspired worship and preaching in your church. Pray for your church’s life in this season to be Christ centered.

            Think about your role in your church in this season and the New Year. God calls you to worship, to serve, to pray, to give. Is this your time to step up into a new role? Think about your level of commitment. Think about God’s call on you. Pray about that.

Read your Bible.  In your quiet time at Christmas (if you have any!) read the Christmas story in Matthew 1 and 2, and in Luke 2.

            Let the Lord refresh you spiritually. As you go to a carol festival, as you see children enjoying Christmas, as you listen to the story of Jesus’ birth, let the Lord refresh you spiritually, and you will find your life refreshed in every other way as well.

            Give yourself along with gifts. The best gifts are handmade and heartfelt. Wrap your gifts in love.

            Have a wonderful Advent and Christmas season, and may God bless you richly and warmly.