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Editorial: Amazing talent right here at home

Don’t forget about what the local community offers in terms of quality entertainment – it’s likely better than you might expect.
Rembrance Day 10
The Yorkton Adult Band performs often in the city. (File Photo)

YORKTON - Often we look down the road when we think about entertainment – the concerts and plays and sporting events of the bigger cities catching our eyes.

While certainly there are times just getting away for something different can be a fine thing, we should also not overlook just what we have here at home.

Almost every week there seems to be things happening here in Yorkton which highlight just how much talent we have in the local area.

That all seems to come into sharper focus in this week’s edition of Yorkton This Week.

To begin with, if you like to be entertained from the stage, the local Paperbag Players have been doing that for years.

Evidence of just how good the local theatre group is came at the recent provincial Theatrefest where their production of Agnes of God grabbed a number of awards (see story this edition). They will be on the Sacred Heart High School Theatre stage Saturday with the production too.

It takes a lot of hours to prepare a live theatre presentation and that Yorkton has a group that does it so well speaks to the talent of many of our friends and neighbours.

Upcoming the Yorkton Adult Band – another group with a bunch of local performers who gather to enjoy what is more than a hobby because it is clearly a passion – will put on its spring concert.

This time the event – scheduled for May 14 (see story this edition) – will include a varied program celebrating our country. Included is the Filipino Choir another group of local performers who are willing to share their love of music with the community.

Next walk over to the Godfrey Dean Gallery and the works of local artist Val Morhart are among those hanging on the gallery walls.

Again, you do not have to look far in an effort to find skilled visual artists, with a number doing fine work right here in Yorkton.

And, soon, if you want to be entertained by some baseball the diamonds at Jubilee Park will be busy with games featuring players of all ages – including senior baseball where players who just love the game perform. It might not be the major leagues, but they are people we know playing for the love of the game, and doing it quite well too.

So don’t forget about what the local community offers in terms of quality entertainment – it’s likely better than you might expect.