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Editorial: Grandstand showing its value

Something for most at facility
grandstand summer 2021
The grandstand was in use in 2021, and already hosting varied events. (File Photo)

YORKTON - There are always questions about where the city spends taxpayer dollars. 

There is rarely a decision to invest in the something in the city that does not have both ardent supporters, those vocally unhappy, and of course a vast majority somewhere in between the two extremes. 

That is the simple reality of governmental decisions at any level, and has always been the case. 

The difference today of course is the discourse of the extremes, especially the detractors and naysayers, seems amplified because they have the very visible podium of online social media from which to voice their viewpoints. 

How significant the vehement opposition, or whole-hearted support may be is a tad hard to gauge because a small handful can make a rather large ripple on social media, but the most ardent views do at least get aired. 

The problem for politicians, for local Councilors through MLAs to MPs, is to determine how significant in terms of numbers the social media wave represents, and how large the middle ground of general acceptance is. 

One decision by Council which should have more support than many they make, should be the investment in the grandstand. 

Yes, the facility has ended up costing more than first anticipated – caught at least partially in general construction costs jumping. That has meant the Yorkton Exhibition Association had to go back to the city for further dollars, which the city basically had to agree too. It is hard to fathom Council could have said no and potentially left a facility unfinished. 

In this case though, it was also still a good project for the city. 

The grandstand is one of those rare facilities which at one time or another will see most people taking a seat to watch an event. 

That is the beauty of a grandstand, it is built without a specific purpose, and more as a gathering spot which can host a rather broad range of events. 

The new grandstand will have something of a short 2022 season, as there is work still to be done, but even in a shortened season the fare being offered in front of the grandstand is rather diverse. 

From June 3-5, the ‘CPCA Yorkton Classic’ will take to the track for three days of big chuckwagon racing action thanks to a sponsorship of the Yorkton Tribal Council, and the RCMP Musical Ride will perform June 3 and 4. 

The Yorkton Hyundai’s Thunder in the Parkland Truck and Tractor Pulls presented by Yorkton Home Hardware are set for June 17 and 18. 

June 24-26 Rhythm 'n Ribs will be held. 

And then to kick-off July the annual Yorkton Summer Fair with chariot and chuckwagon races and various entertainment in front of the grandstand will be held. 

It’s a rather diverse range of entertainment which should offer something for most in our city, and attract visitors too, showing why the grandstand investment was a good one that most should be satisfied with.


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