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Outlook High wins award for 'Most Informed School'

In a competition, Outlook High School was recently found to have the 'Most Informed' students.
Photo courtesy Outlook High School.

OUTLOOK - Some of Outlook High School's senior students were recognized recently, taking first place in their division and being named Most Informed School.

The competition, through a partnership between ChatterHigh and SkillsCanada Saskatchewan, is an opportunity for Saskatchewan students and schools in grades 6-12 to win prizes while becoming more informed about career and post-secondary options after high school.

In the competition, students from Saskatchewan schools could win their share from a $3,500 prize pot, while students are eligible to win $20 for answering 50 quiz questions correctly until the $4,000 prize pot is depleted.

For the school competition, there are four divisions based on the school population. There is tiered prizing for the top 16 schools amongst the different leaderboards.

OHS's Grade 10 students, most of the Grade 11's, and a few Grade 12 students took part in what's known as the ChatterHigh Most Informed School competition, in relation to career guidance. Outlook High School placed first in the 2A division, winning a prize of $350, and eight Outlook students even won individual prizes, with Hayden Grunerud being recognized as the 5th most informed student in all of Saskatchewan.