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Conservation changes to Ministry of Environment local branch

Report presented on hunting season heard at Preeceville Wildlife Club meeting
Wildlife Meeting
Johnny Petryshyn was the guest speaker at the Preeceville Wildlife antler measuring and meeting on January 15. At the meeting from left, were: Heather Gawrelitza, club secretary; Owen Myhr, president and Petryshyn.

PREECEVILLE - Johnny Petryshyn, Conservation officer from the Preeceville branch of the Ministry of Environment gave a brief overview of the 2021 hunting season at the Preeceville Wildlife annual antler and measuring afternoon on January 15.

Petryshyn touched on various topics that included the big game populations, and asked what other hunters were seeing out there as well. He also talked about animal diseases such as Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and brain worm.

He commented that the tip calls were down this year, possibly due to early harvest and snow. The early snow helped with making back roads inaccessible, preventing hunters from using them. The Preeceville office is currently undergoing office renovations and he stated that “even though we are closed to the public we are still going to be here into the future.”

Preeceville currently has three officers, Petryshyn, Dave Knihniski and Dan Sakla, who currently resides in Canora.

Petryshyn answered some questions from individuals at the meeting and concluded by adding, “As of April 1, we will no longer be part of the Ministry of Environment but will be moving over to Ministry of Corrections and Policing and Public Safety.”