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New minister welcomed to Preeceville

The community of Preeceville welcomed the new Evangel Tabernacle Church minister into the community
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Reverend Scott Carroll and his wife Chrystal were warmly greeted by the Preeceville and district area as the new minister for the Evangel Tabernacle Church in Preeceville.

PREECEVILLE-Reverend Scott Carroll and his family were recently welcomed with open arms into the Preeceville and surrounding areas as the new minister for the Evangel Tabernacle Church in Preeceville. Carroll and his family arrived in Preeceville where he began his new journey as minister on December 15.

Carroll and his wife Chrystal are originally from Nova Scotia, grew-up in a non-Christian home and led a tough life until he found God and began his spiritual journey as a minister. Prior to his journey he enrolled in the military in 1994, first in the Army as a Infantry soldier, then in the Navy as seaman responsible for rescue and maintaining ships and then in the Armed Forces as a aviation mechanic. In 2004, the couple’s daughter was born and he had knee surgery which saw his release from the military for medical reasons.

He found a new release on life, when he turned to God and with his passion for helping others turned to his spiritual side. Carroll enrolled in the Briercrest Christian Academy College and Seminary and attained his Bachelor of Arts in Ministry. His first ministry position was in his home town of Lantz, Nova Scotia. Then he moved to Moose Jaw, where he was the minister of the First Baptist Church and then moved to Moncton, New Brunswick where he continued as a minister before he and his family moved to Preeceville.

Prior to arriving in Preeceville he had applied with the RCMP to become an constable in July 2021 but for family reasons he discontinued his journey to becoming an RCMP officer.

“I have always been passionate about helping others and have a strong sense of community involvement,” said Carroll.

He has also worked at numerous odd jobs from carpentry to construction as a skilled labourer. “I have never been one to be idle, I have always worked and kept busy while serving my community, whether it was in the work force or providing counselling for those who are affected by an addiction of some sort. My wife and myself have served as councillors in the prison providing chapel services. I am also a chapel providing counselling to the RCMP, Fire and Rescue in suicide prevention, and interventions. I am also a marriage counselor and oversee the AA program that is held through the church,” he said.

He is currently helping with the church’s major renovations that will be more welcoming and turn it into more of a multi-purpose facility. “A church is not about a building, it is the people who make a church. My passion is to keep helping people to overcome the issues they maybe faced with in life. My door is always open and I welcome everyone who needs to reach out to contact me,” Carroll concluded.