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Playground equipment closer to reality for Preeceville

Previous business owner shares loves of community through large estate donation.
Leslea Hanson, left, Preeceville School vice-principal, accepted a $10,000 legacy donation made possible from the estate of Harry Toy, a previous Preeceville business owner and community member. Alan Wen made the presentation on behalf of the family to contribute to the fundraiser for an outdoor space and more playground equipment.

PREECEVILLE - At the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, the Preeceville SRC decided to commit to begin fundraising for an outdoor space and more playground equipment. All fundraising campaigns this year, and for the foreseeable future, will contribute a portion of their profits towards this capital project.

“This year, the Student Representative Council held its annual raffle, ran the Cowboy’s Caviar jerky campaign, and hosted the spring trade show,” said Leslea Hanson, vice-principal for the Preeceville School. “Each of these events have been successful, and so far, the students and staff have raised $7,000! We are grateful for the community’s support to the fundraisers by donating prizes for the raffle, purchasing tickets and jerky, and attending the trade show. The SRC is planning one last fundraiser for this school year which will be an end-of-school barbecue for families and community members, accompanied by another raffle, where the prize item will be a large carving donated by Sky High Services (Kenton Hull).”

This year has been dedicated to creating a buzz around the project, getting the word out and having local families and the community share the project and create some momentum.

“We are still dreaming up the design, though we would like to have some kind of shelter and some kind of seating for an outdoor classroom area. We also want to put some kind of playground structure in that is aimed at the middle years students. We will welcome design input if there are parents who would like to become involved through our School Community Council. Our next steps involve designing a plan for what the outdoor space will look like, developing a budget, and planning the timeline for the creation of the space,” continued Hanson.

Preeceville School and the SRC would like to gratefully acknowledge the first personal donation made towards this project. Alan Wen presented Hanson with a $10,000 legacy donation made on behalf of Harry Toy. Harry Toy was a member of the Preeceville community for many years. He worked in one of Preeceville’s restaurants during his early years. He always enjoyed interacting with people, especially the community’s youth, as he found his own sense of youthfulness through the exchanges as he got older.

In his later years, Harry lived near the school where he tended to his garden and conversed with numerous students that would pass by. Prior to his passing in 2018, he entrusted his estate to be a donation to fund a project that would benefit the children of the school. Harry’s final wishes were to assist children in finding joy while they are learning at school.