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Woollard wins NDP nomination in Canora-Pelly

Michael Woollard, who's a teacher in Kamsack, will be the NDP's standard bearer in the next provincial election in Canora-Pelly.

STURGIS — Michael Woollard has been selected as the Saskatchewan New Democrat candidate in Canora-Pelly for the upcoming provincial election.

Woollard was nominated by NDP members during a Canora-Pelly nominating convention held in Sturgis on Aug. 23.

Prior to the election both candidates Woollard and his opponent Wynn Fedorchuk each had the opportunity to address the audience.

Fedorchuk, a Norquay-based social worker and artist, spoke briefly on himself and addressed changes that need to happen in the healthcare field and education with the rising costs of living, poor access due to health care, minimal mental health and additions services, no public transportation options and underfunded schools.

Woollard, spoke on stepping-up this election to make a difference and a positive change in the province.  He briefly covered topics that covered universal health care, affordability, education and a plan how to improve Saskatchewan’s economy.

“Working together, we can do better,” he said.

Stacey Strykowski, a former candidate, introduced Carla Beck, the NDP Leader.

“It is so great to see so many here,” said Beck. “It is easy to see with so many in attendance that it is time for a change. We, the NDP, are proud of the work we have done and by your support we now have one of the largest caucuses that we have ever had. The momentum has changed in the province and it is time to put people first again,” she said.

Woollard said a few brief words after being nominated.

“I am so honoured to be the candidate here in Canora-Pelly,” said Woollard. “There is so much promise here in Saskatchewan. Yet, for too long the Sask Party has taken our rural communities for granted. Now is the time to elect a Carla Beck government that will take the necessary steps to ensure a brighter future for all families across this beautiful province.”

Woollard is a teacher in Kamsack. As a teacher, he said he has seen first-hand the impacts of budget cuts in our schools. Woollard grew up in Kamsack, helping out at his family’s convenience store.

“I’m so excited to have an amazing candidate like Michael here in Canora-Pelly,” said Saskatchewan NDP Leader Carla Beck. “It’s obvious that he has energized this room of New Democrats. I know that Michael truly understands the struggles faced here in our rural communities. Given his passion and dedication to his communities, I know that Canora-Pelly will be very well-served with Michael as their MLA.”

Woollard is the 16th candidate nominated for the Saskatchewan NDP in advance of the 2024 provincial election. Depending on who wins the Canora-Pelly Sask Party nomination, he will either face off against Terry Dennis or Sean Wilson.