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Thunderclap set for backyard show in Yorkton

The influences on his music extend beyond other musicians too.
Thunderclap is in Yorkton June 29.

YORKTON - Niagara Falls’ Adam Buller, stage name Thunderclap, is headed to Yorkton for a ‘backyard’ concert June 29.

Buller’s music might best be described as messages set to music, as he writes about things he sees as important to talk about.

“If I don't always have a message, I definitely try to have a strong angle, in the way a comedian has their own personal angle or take on any particular subject; and in the words of John Lennon, via his song writing advise to David Bowie ‘Say what you mean, make it rhyme, and put a back beat to it’,” Buller told Yorkton This Week.

So does he write for the music or the message?

“Generally the message comes first via stream of consciousness writing, almost always before the music,” said Buller. “I must be very compelled by a subject or feeling in order for me to completely turn off the world around me and laser focus in.”

Buller said he feels there is a need for people to talk about issues in the best way they are able.

“Maybe not so much as a musician but more so as, in this case an empathetic person living in a cities downtown, running a business no less,” he said. “As I was running a bar/ venue called Camp Cataract in downtown Niagara Falls during the pandemic, I couldn't help but to be face-to-face with the homeless population on a daily basis, thus understand and feel for their plight.”

Music was a natural way ‘to start a conversation’ for Buller given his background.

“I've been writing songs and collaborating in band situations from the age of 14 - 28, and I've been pretty much solo after that,” he said, noting his long involvement with the craft.

The influences on his music extend beyond other musicians too.

“My experiences in film making and method acting seems to have made the biggest impact on my music, striving to understand the human experience, reaching for quality, and the special allusive things beyond the veil,” said Buller.

So, what should those attending show expect?  

“Strange songs and tales from my life and travels, hopefully some laughs, tears, a little audience participation perhaps?,” he said. “Perhaps I'll break out my family's favourite peanut butter, mayonnaise and cucumber sandwiches?”

For information on the Yorkton show contact Doug Kerr at 306-621-9292.