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Yorkton Chamber releases survey results

52 per cent of respondents in favour of Saskatchewan Revenue Agency.
Vanessa Andres, President of the Yorkton Chamber and Juanita Polegi, Executive Director of the Yorkton Chamber.

YORKTON – The results of a survey conducted in late February/early March by the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce are now in.  The membership was asked to respond to five questions about issues facing the business community.

“As many businesses are struggling with higher interest rates and inflation, the Chamber Directors wanted to know how various pieces of government legislation is affecting our business community so we asked our membership to tell us,” said Vanessa Andres, President of the Yorkton Chamber, adding,  “it’s the Chamber’s role to advocate for its members so we needed to hear from the membership in order to know what is most important to our local business community."

Juanita Polegi, Executive Director of the Chamber indicated that questions one, two and three began with an explanation and directed the reader to a site where they could obtain more information.

“The Directors said it was important for the members to have background information before they submitted their responses,” said Polegi, adding that the response rate was very strong and thanked the members for taking the time to complete this survey. 

Asked if the membership was in favour of the Government of Saskatchewan creating a new Saskatchewan Revenue Agency, 52 per cent responded yes; while 48 per cent responded no.

76 per cent were in favour of the creation of the Saskatchewan First Act; while 24 per cent were not.

Only 43 per cent of the respondents were in favour of the creation of the Sask Marshals Service; while 57 per cent were opposed.

As to how rising interest rates have impacted business, responses included:

  • business is down;
  • rising rates affect operational and capital purchasing
  • increased financing costs; costs more to operate
  • has added thousands to annual interest costs; and a small number indicated no impact

The impact of the carbon tax on business generated even greater responses including:

  • less cash in peoples’ pockets can negatively impact collecting accounts receivable
  • every raw material we need is taxed and it continues to increase
  • Cuts into profits
  • rebates go to individuals and families but nothing to small businesses
  • is significantly increasing our costs and making us less competitive
  • has forced forward thinking businesses to participate in (grant) programs and pursue projects (to make things more green) that may not have been feasible previously

The purpose of the Yorkton Chamber is to be “the voice of Yorkton and district business community” and represents over 450 members.