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Yorkton Tribal Council looks to empower women

Event aimed to educate women on general vehicle maintenance.

YORKTON – On Monday morning a group of women gathered to celebrate Mother’s Day at the Yorkton Tribal Council and to learn about general maintenance of their vehicles.   

Around thirty people attended the event with Yorkton Hyundai mechanics on site to educate. 

“We’re trying to teach them some skills – some stuff that might save their lives and they might be able to help other ladies,” said Isabel O’Soup, Tribal Chief at YTC, adding, “it’s all about empowering ourselves and empowering other ladies as well – and our children in our homes.” 

O’Soup, who said she is familiar with the general maintenance of her own vehicle, wanted other women to have the same knowledge of their vehicles. 

“Our main goal is to know how to check the air pressure in your tire,” said O’Soup, adding, “you know you could save yourself from getting a flat and you could save yourself from wrecking your tire.” 

“Check the fluids in your vehicle – you might save your engine,” said O’Soup. 

“We’re going to get together with the ladies here – we’re going to go through the cars,” said Ron Kaban, Dealer Principal at Yorkton Hyundai, adding, “everybody needs a little brushing up on how to change a tire, how to boost a car [and] how to do an oil change – so we’re going to go through that with them.” 

“Not everybody wants to do an oil change, but sure want to know how to check the oil and everything else – and check all the other stuff that’s underneath the hood with these vehicles as complicated as they are – it’s good that these ladies are doing it,” said Kaban. 

“I think this is a great idea – it gets us out in the community and meeting new people,” said Kaban, adding, “that’s what we’re all about at Yorkton Hyundai – we want to help out as much as we can.”