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Youth awarded scholarship money for center ice puck shot

A local business and former Yorkton Terrier put up funds for the post-secondary scholarship.

YORKTON – Back on Jan. 29, during the intermission of a Mauler game, eight-year-old Owen Rhinas made a center ice puck-shot and earned himself a $5,000 scholarship.

The money was donated by local business Lakeview Insurance and also the business of a former Terrier, Jeff Rask of Wellington Altus Private Wealth, Greywolf, Senior Investment Manager.

"Back in the late summer Greg Donnelly, the president of the Yorkton Maulers contacted me and asked if Lakeview Insurance wanted to sponsor the local Maulers," said Dave Nussbaumer of Lakeview Insurance in an interview with Yorkton This Week, adding, "we came up with the idea of a shootout but I stretched it and said let's do it for kids and make it a scholarship fund."

Nussbaumer said he approached local business to participate in the scholarship but when they were unable, he reached out to the former Yorkton Terrier.

"I was contacted by Dave (Nusbaumer) and he had an idea to do this scholarship thing so I agreed to partner with him and kind of help support a young fellow with a scholarship," said Rask in an interview with Yorkton This Week.

Rask said he appreciated the people and time he spent in Yorkton when he played for the Terriers in the 1996-97 season and noted that he had family play for the team as well.

"Part of it was the ties that myself and my brothers all had back to Yorkton – we all played hockey there for the Terriers," said Rask.

"It was good to be able to partner with Dave and give back a little bit to the community where my brothers and myself played some hockey," said Rask.