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Blast from the Past: Four Unity figure skaters attended Sask. Winter Games

Lorilee Foster, Edna Howdle and Bonnie and Sherry Housen travelled to Perdue for Sask. Winter Games eliminations.
Winners of the 1974 Denzil Knights of Columbus high school ‘spiel: Theresa Weinkauf, Greg Klotz, Knight Peter Weinkauf, Gwen Klotz and Doug Weinkauf.

50 years ago

The Wilkie branch of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation held their annual meeting and awards night. Jim Gerein of Phippen was re-elected president, and also won the award for best antelope shot, with a score of 78 5/8 points.

Unity figure skaters Lorilee Foster, Edna Howdle and Bonnie and Sherry Housen took part in Saskatchewan Winter Games eliminations, held at Perdue.

Over 100 Wilkie Outlaw fans went to the first-round senior hockey provincial game in Meadow Lake, where Gerry Cey, Herb Schell and Mick Knisley “exploded early in the first period, then played a close checking game to preserve the win,” 3-2.

Exalted Ruler Stu Inkster initiated candidates Terry Water, Don Hogan and Walter Guzik into the Unity BPO Elks Lodge.

20 years ago

Attending a tour – sponsored by North West Terminal and the Canadian Wheat Board – of Vancouver Port and of a ship being loaded with canola were local producers James Woodward, Hal Martfeld, Harvey Kelly, Marion Kelly, Cliff Knowles, Alan Fawell, Bill Fraser, Helena Caplette, Ken Ireland, Gayle Holman, Leo Schwebius, Art Sieben and Marie Schwebius.

In Bantam C provincials, the Macklin Mohawks and Wilkie Outlaws were playing each other in round two. Orest Palahicki reported Mohawk Jenna Reichert, “the lone female in the contest, wears the ‘A’ and played well.”

A Sask West Hockey League playoff game between the Unity Miners and the Luseland Mallards saw an amazing almost 90 shots on goal before the game ended with a 10-8 win for the Miners.