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North Battleford model, Ember Whitford, earns role in TV Series

"It’s a powerful opportunity to bring diversity and authenticity to Hollywood, I’m grateful to be a part of it.” - Ember Whitford

NORTH BATTLEFORD — North Battleford born and raised Ember Whitford has secured a role in the upcoming TV series, The BLVD, where she debuts as Kendall Jennings. She is also exploring opportunities in film and television, as well as voiceover work, and is gaining influence in the entertainment industry

A member of Sweetgrass First Nation reservation, Whitford is the daughter of Saskatchewan lawyer Eleanore Sunchild and George Whitford. Sunchild is an Indigenous lawyer, owning Sunchild Law, a successful legal firm in Saskatoon

Whitford takes pride in representing her Indigenous heritage as an accomplished model and actress, while also pursuing a psychology degree at the University of Saskatchewan. Following graduation from John Paul II Collegiate in North Battleford, she began modeling in November of 2022 and began taking modelling and acting classes with Masala Model and Talent Agency in Saskatoon. Ember is signed with World Management out of Edmonton, Alta, and Stray Management in Saskatoon, Sask

The Saskatchewan-born model has traveled extensively with international engagements that have taken her to locations across the world. She has also had the honour of walking the runway for renowned Indigenous designer, Helen Oro, showcasing the beauty of Indigenous fashion. Ember is committed to making a meaningful impact and inspiring change within her community.

“The opportunity to become a part of TV series “The Blvd” become a possibility and happened when Robin Cote reached out to my mom for an opportunity to be a part of the show. My mom told her that I would be interested as well. Robin Cote recently worked with the production team on a movie “The Black Mass” which was recently released,” says Whitford. This is Ember’s first acting role. Ember’s mom and Cote are executive producers for the show.

Whitford said that Robin Cote is an Indigenous makeup artist, stylist, and veteran from Cote First Nation. She founded her fashion publication, Coté Magazine, and is highly regarded in the fashion and entertainment industry. Director Pinn and Cote have previously worked together on the movie "Black Mass" in 2023, and from there, Robin introduced Whitford and her mom to the production of The BLVD. Once the model and her mom found out Cote was from Saskatchewan, they have stayed in touch ever since.

 “It's an incredible feeling to bring a piece of my reserve and Saskatchewan to the screen. I'm proud to represent my community and to share our culture through this series. It’s a powerful opportunity to bring diversity and authenticity to Hollywood, I’m grateful to be a part of it,” adds Whitford.

When asked who she would credit for mentoring her on this journey, Whitford responds, “Ashley Callingbull has been a huge mentor for me. Her journey and success as an actress and First Nations advocate really inspired me to follow in her footsteps. She's shown me the impact that sharing our culture on screen can have, and her guidance has been invaluable in my own path. My mom is also a big role model to me. Looking at her dedication as a lawyer inspires me to use my voice and presence to tell stories, whether on stage or in front of a camera. Her work ethic and passion remind me that I can make an impact through acting and modeling, just as she does through her line of work. “

The BLVD is a six-episode half-hour series that takes viewers into LA's hottest boutique public relations firm during the year's prestigious awards season. Once the first season is done, it will be on a streaming channel and Whitford will be excited to share that news when the show premieres.

She says of her family and friends since they learned of her new acting role, “They've been super supportive! Everyone's excited and they really believe in me. It's like they're all part of this journey, offering encouragement and advice. It's amazing to have such a strong support network. My close friend Kaelynn Miller has been my number one supporter since I started my journey with modelling and acting. Her encouragement has been a constant source of motivation for me.”

It is worth noting that "The BLVD" has been covered in various news blogs like "Deadline Hollywood Daily" and the weekly magazine "Soap Opera Digest." The series is generating a lot of buzz.