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North West College partners with Cenovus for brighter futures

College receives funding to boost student success and graduate employment
North West College
North West College will implement a multifaceted approach to enhancing student success and graduate employability.

NORTH BATTLEFORD — North West College has announced a multi-year funding commitment from Cenovus Energy. This commitment will enhance student success and improve graduate employment rates through the provision of comprehensive tutoring and mental health services, the college states in a press release.

North West College will implement a multifaceted approach to enhancing student success and graduate employability:

Expanding Tutoring Services: North West College will establish an expanded tutoring program that provides students with free access to academic support tailored to their needs. This program will cover a wide range of subjects.

Enhancing Mental Health Services: The grant will also be used to improve mental health services for students, recognizing the importance of mental well-being in overall academic success. North West College will provide a wide range of services such as substance abuse and harm reduction, community and family supports, cultural and traditional events, and provide mental health resources to help students manage stress and personal challenges effectively.

Career Development Workshops: To bolster graduate employment rates, the college will organize workshops and seminars focusing on resume building, interview skills and job search strategies.

“This partnership with Cenovus Energy is a game-changer for North West College and our students,” Dr. Eli Ahlquist, president and CEO of North West College says.

“It reflects our shared commitment to education and community development. We are excited to leverage this funding to provide invaluable support to our students, helping them achieve their academic and career goals."

 “We believe that investing in education and the well-being of our communities is an essential part of building a brighter future,” says Kent Miller, director, Lloydminster Upgrader Complex with Cenovus Energy.

“We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of this collaboration.”

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