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Sask United touting momentum after PA dinner

Fundraiser dinner for Nadine Wilson in Prince Albert drew big audience.
Sask United leader Nadine Wilson seen at a fundraising dinner this weekend in Prince Albert.

PRINCE ALBERT - The Saskatchewan United Party is touting growing momentum on the heels of their recent fundraising dinner in Prince Albert.

Party leader Nadine Wilson held the dinner at the Prince Albert Wildlife Federation which was attended by community leaders and party members. Prince Albert is adjacent to the Saskatchewan Rivers constituency which she represents in the Legislature. 

According to a party news release Wilson, spoke about Saskatchewan United’s commitment to healthcare, education, economic growth, provincial, sovereignty, energy, and crime issues.

“I am overwhelmed by the excitement and enthusiasm for Sask United here in Saskatchewan Rivers, and all over Saskatchewan,” Wilson said in the release. “The people of Saskatchewan want change, and Sask United is prepared to give them a true conservative option to vote for this fall.“

Wilson is currently the lone MLA for the Sask United Party in the legislature. The party was officially registered in Nov. 2022 and received over 20 per cent of the vote in their first electoral contest, that being last year’s Lumsden-Morse byelection. The party has staged a number of open-house events throughout the province over the past year.

In another news release issued by the party this week, Sask United took issue with the Sask Party government for their support for “Trudeau’s Net Zero by 2050 goals.” 

The party stated that Premier Moe and the Sask Power wanted to add 3,000 megawatts of wind and solar power by 2035 and shut down the province’s coal-fired plants, which they said was “the same path Alberta’s NDP took when in power, phasing out coal-fired plants in favour of wind and solar.”

But even with investment in wind and solar and shutting down of coal-fired plants, “Alberta still needed to rely on Saskatchewan’s coal to keep it warm during the polar vortex in January,” the statement read — referring to Saskatchewan having to supply power to Alberta when its grid was stretched to capacity that month.

“The situation in Alberta has proven once again that net-zero policies lead to a disastrous outcome,” said Jon Hromek, Sask United Deputy Leader, in a statement. “Sask United is against the net-zero by 2050 agenda and will focus our efforts on providing an affordable, sustainable energy grid for the people of Saskatchewan for years to come.”