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Seven plays in seven days - Provincial drama finals start April 21

The Battlefords, Cochin, P.A., Yorkton, Melfort, Last Mountain, Moose Jaw will perform.
The deadline to purchase a package to attend all seven plays and workshops at a special rate is March 31. One of the plays in the festival is BCP's An Inspector Calls.

THE BATTLEFORDS — Battlefords Community Players and Theatre Saskatchewan Inc. bring live theatre to the Battlefords from April 21 to 27 for seven evenings, with seven plays from seven communities across the province.  ‘

Tickets are available until March 31 at a special rate of $145 for all seven shows, which also provide access to workshops and the green room.

First up is BCP’s “An Inspector Calls.” It is a memorable play from the mid-1940s, written by the popular English dramatist J.B. Priestley and set in 1912. Partly philosophical and psychological and partly a moral fable, it is one of Priestley's best-known works for the stage. It deals with issues of exploitation, abandonment and social ruin, within the framework of a detective mystery. And just to add a little more spice, it also has hints of the supernatural. However, it is firmly rooted in the English society life of the time and thus is now considered to be a classic of "drawing room" theatre.

Monday evening brings a Norm Foster comedy to the stage by Cochin Community Players called “Looking.” From one of Canada's most popular playwrights comes this hilarious comedy. A single personal ad inadvertently draws four middle-aged singles together when Val and Andy arrange to meet on a blind date, dragging Nina and Matt along for moral support.

On Tuesday evening Odyssey Productions from Prince Albert performs “Dogbarked” by James O’Shea. It explores Saskatchewan themes about the contrast between rural and urban cultures. The story follows two brothers, farmers who are struggling to make ends meet with their gas station after a highway was rerouted from the town, cutting down on traffic and profit. The brothers spend their days drinking beer and thinking up new money-making schemes. This play came before “CornerGas” and has been produced several times.

April 24, Yorkton Paper Bag Players present the drama “Agnes of God” by John Pielmeirer. It tells the story of a novice nun who gives birth but does not believe she has. The child is found dead and a psychiatrist and the mother superior of the convent clash during the resulting investigation.

Melfort Amateur Dramatics bring their production of “Here On The Flight Path” by Norm Foster. The play is a comedy about a fellow named John, who just wants to live a nice, quiet life in his fourth-floor apartment. However, his life continues to be disrupted by the women who move into the apartment beside him.

Friday evening, April 26 Last Mountain Theatre Company presents “The Tin Woman” by Sean Grennan. Instead of relishing life after her heart transplant, Joy enters a downward spiral, unsure whether she truly deserves a second chance. Meanwhile, Alice and Hank mourn the loss of their son, Jack, whose heart was used to save Joy. At a friend's urging, Joy tracks down Jack's family to find closure. But are Alice, Hank, and their daughter Sammy ready to accept Jack's death? Based on a true story, The Tin Woman uses humour and pathos to explore loss, family and what it means to be given new life.

The festival ends April 27 with the production of “Spirit Control” by Moose Jaw Community Players. In this play, Adam Wyatt has the perfect family and a perfect record as an air traffic controller. When the pilot of a small plane suffers a heart attack, Adam must talk a terrified passenger through an emergency landing.

Following this final performance. awards for the 87th Competitive Community Theatre Festival will be handed out.

The special tickets package is good until March 31 — $145 for all seven shows, seven workshops and seven fun evenings. That great price goes up by $50 from April 1 to 15 and after that is full price per night.

Look forward to seeing all of you at the Dekker Center during TheatreFest 2024 “Living Theatre”