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Sparking creativity in a ‘cut and paste’ world

Moosomin Visual Arts Centre launches after-school art program.
The Moosomin Visual Arts Centre is launching an after-school arts program.

MOOSOMIN — A new after-school program is sure to get the creative juices flowing for kids in and around Moosomin. Starting April 8, the Moosomin Visual Arts Centre will begin programming weekday afternoons for students ages 7 to 12. 

“Art is known to create more creative problem solvers, so that’s awesome for anything you choose to do in your life, too. People who practice art are happier people, usually,” said Krista Crellin, MVAC chair. “We just want to give the kids that are interested in art an opportunity to create in a safe space. We obviously love art, and I think it’s important to the growth of our kids and community.”

The task at hand is to diverge from the “cut and paste” methodology, instead fostering creativity and the chance to explore what form of expression youth most align with. 

“We hope to deepen their understanding of design elements and composition and all the different materials that we have available to them,” Crellin explained. “Just really give them a chance to explore their creativity far more than what they would get in school.”

Crellin anticipates space for 10 students each day under the guidance of retired teacher Melissa Magnusson.

“She’s a creative person, too, so I think they’ll have a lot of fun with her,” Crellin said.

While programs such as this may seem grassroots, exposure to artistic freedom at a young age can propel one’s mind, creating learning skills often drawn upon later in life.

“Hopefully, they find an area of art that really interests them and continue to practice throughout their lives,” remarked Crellin when asked about what the intended takeaway is for the students. “That’s why we hope to engage them in all these different opportunities, to try different materials and different techniques so they find what they love.

“We want to encourage kids young to love the arts, and hopefully they stick to it,” she continued. “We want to see them throughout their lives coming to the Art Centre and practising.”

The Moosomin Visual Arts Centre has been a busy place since officially opening in February at 701 Ellice Street. The class calendar is chock-full with open studio time available as well. Crellin noted the painting and youth drawing classes seem to be a big hit with locals.

“They sell out immediately, it seems,” she said. “So there are kids that are interested in art!”