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Baljennie News: WDM volunteers restore tractor

SARM convention discusses how to manage wildlife.
Repairing an antique Rumeley has occupied volunteers at North Battleford WDM over the winter.

BALJENNIE — Volunteers at the Western Development Museum in North Battleford have spent most of the winter working on projects. They are now working on a Rumeley tractor that someone donated. It has been in storage for a few years and nothing more done to it. They are making new fenders and adding a seat. It will be painted when finished. Volunteers are also still working on stationary engines, painting and adding decals.

Staff have been working outside taking down a tent-style shed that has started to break apart with the weight of snow on it. The snow has damaged some stored machines. Snow damage to the main museum roof has also been repaired.

Retirements have resulted in staff changeover at the WDM.

In late April volunteers are going on a day trip to the Saskatoon Western Development Museum workshop and storage area in search of ideas.

The SARM convention was in mid-March in Saskatoon. The representatives had many problems to sort out. Kim Custer, one of the councillors for the RM of Glenside was able to speak at the convention. The RM is asking for the best way to safely control wildlife. There seems to be abundant deer running in herds and a few elk and moose. At this time of year, with so much snow, they gravitate to cattle feed yards and bales of feed. They can destroy and scatter good feed, ruining it for livestock. Spring seems to bring them out. The rest of the year they are rarely seen and are not a problem.

Many other RM issues were also discussed at the convention.

Sympathy goes out to the Bill Lloyd family of Eagle Hills. Bill passed away Feb. 9 at the age of 92. He is survived by his wife Violet and family. A celebration of Bill’s life was held at Shallows MacDonald Wilson and Zehner Funeral Home March 11.

Bob Adams has moved out to go to a new apartment at Caleb Village in North Battleford. The apartment here has been repainted and our neighbours Rick and Margaret Commer have moved in.


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