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Festival Fanfare: World music classes offered

Battlefords Kiwanis Music Festival April 15 to 28.
World Music Classes, on an instrument of choice, may include popular forms of non-European classical. Eastern European folk (ex. Balkan, Bulgarian), Nordic folk, Latin and Indonesian.

THE BATTLEFORDS — The 2024 Battlefords Kiwanis Music Festival is scheduled to run from April 15 to 28. The deadline of Saturday, Jan. 20 for entries is approaching. Entry forms can be found online by searching “Battlefords Kiwanis Music Festival” and clicking on the “music festival suite” link. Teacher and student profiles set from last year are saved in the MFS system.

The areas of musical discipline for the festival include vocal singing, musical theatre, spoken word, choral, piano, organ, guitar, strings, woodwind instruments, brass instruments, percussion and band ensemble. Festival entry fees are solo $15, duet/trio/small ensemble $15 and band/choir/large ensemble $30. The late registration fee is $25 per participant; see the online entry forms for more details. The late entry deadline is Saturday, Jan. 27. There is a late registration fee of $25 per participant.

Depending on actual entry submissions, chosen dates for each discipline have been scheduled. Bands, strings, instrumental solos, and small ensembles are scheduled for April 15 to 19. Voice, musical theatre and spoken word classes will be hosted at the Third Avenue United Church from April 21 to 24. Piano classes, also hosted at Third Avenue United Church, are scheduled from April 24 to 28. The celebratory gala night will be held on the world-class stage of the Dekker Centre. 

In addition to traditional styles of music associated with the music festivals of past years, there are now a variety of non-competitive classes for those who seek the educational aspect and experience of performing for an expert adjudicator without participating in the competitive aspect. Additionally, there is the option to participate in classes that include workshops in each area of musical discipline. Expanding inclusivity for styles of music, there are now “World Music Classes” on an instrument of choice that may include popular forms of non European classical (ex. Chinese guzheng, Indian raga, Tibetan chant), Eastern European folk (ex. Balkan, Bulgarian), Nordic folk, Latin and Indonesian. In non-competitive classes, no mark is assigned.

To be eligible for an award or scholarship, a participant must be 19 years of age or younger, have lived in or studied in the Battlefords and district for a minimum of six months before the festival, or be furthering their education elsewhere but still supported by parents living in the Battlefords and district. Other students are welcome for adjudication and recommendation to the provincial and national level competitions.

The Battlefords Music Festival committee is running a booster program for teachers in the area. If you would like to bring a clinician/teacher in to hold an event for your students, the committee will pay $350/day for facilitator fees, .56 per kilometre for travel, and accommodation costs.  If the expenses for your event go above this, please submit a proposal for consideration. All that is asked in return for this support is entering your students/group in the 2024 music festival.  

Last year, string players, Orff musicians, spoken word groups and young pianists benefitted from these booster workshops. As well, the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association is refunding entry fees for school classroom groups in the spoken word discipline.   

 For local folks wanting to show support for the festival, there are a variety of options. Businesses or individuals may wish to sponsor a session or award. Volunteer opportunities come in all sizes.

For folks with more complicated schedules, volunteering might be making phone calls or running errands. For folks with less complicated schedules, volunteering might involve being a greeter outside of sessions during the festival or being a secretary for the adjudicator.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and see where your time, skills, or resources might be of most help. Correspondence can be directed by email to the Committee secretary Amy Francais or P.O. Box 1301, North Battleford, Sask, S9A 3L8.

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