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Provincial budget prioritizes essentials: Melfort mayor

Melfort Mayor Glenn George said the city was glad to see the continuation of the Municipal Revenue Sharing Program, but was disappointed about a reduction to a program that helped maintain the local airport.
Melfort Mayor Glenn George, centre, talked about the city's reaction to the 2024 provincial budget.

MELFORT — Melfort's mayor said the 2024 provincial budget was mostly positive for his community.

Glenn George talked to and gave his thoughts on the budget revealed on March 20.

"I would like to express my support for the provincial government's commitment to increasing investments in healthcare, education and infrastructure. These services are so important to the well-being of our residents and the betterment of our community."

The mayor said the city will positive impact with the continuation of the Municipal Revenue Sharing Program.

"This program plays a pivotal role in supporting municipalities across Saskatchewan, providing essential funding for local initiatives and services."

The no strings attached funding will be used by Melfort for their infrastructure renewal programs that addresses their aging infrastructure.

George said the city was disappointed to see the decrease in the Community Airport Partnership Program.

"The city has utilized this program for many years to complete much-needed capital upgrades to the Miller Field Airport. Our city majority funds our airport's maintenance and operations, and without the help of the CAP grant, our maintenance projects are delayed."

The mayor said it is crucial to acknowledge the challenges that all cities face in the current economic landscape.

“Inflation, rising building costs, and the imposition of the carbon tax presents obstacles that impact our ability to deliver essential services and undertake critical infrastructure projects. We recognize the efforts of the provincial government commitment to navigate these complexities and deliver a budget that prioritizes the essentials for our province.”