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Awards night honours student achievement

Borden and District News: Ceremony honours Class of 2022

BORDEN Borden School held their awards night June 15, preceded by a barbecue supper. At the awards ceremony MCs were Katelyn and Anna. Awards of medallions or trophies handed out by the teachers.

The governor general’s award from 2021 went to Jade. Earning citizenship awards of medallions and cash were: K – Owen; Grade 1 – Blaire; Grade 2 – Odin; Grade 3 – Brielle; Grade 4 – Ivan; Grade 5 – Daniel; Grade 6 – May; Grade 7 – Joanna and Justin; Grade 8 – Treyton; Grade 9- Anna; Grade 11 – Sydney; and Grade 12 – Lynden.

Most improved medallions went to: K – Henry; Grade 2 –Mason; Grade 3- David; Grade 4- Olivia; Grade 5 – Darrel; Grade 6 – Ryland; Grade 7 – Eric; Grade 8- Treyton; Grade 9 – Emma and Esther; Grade 11- Bill; and Grade 12- Lynden.

The junior boys’ volleyball medallion went to Tyler and Treyton, junior curling to Josh and Zoe, senior curling to Bill, junior badminton to Justin and Casey W, senior badminton to Sydney, junior track and field to Ben and Alex O. and senior track and field to Bill and Wyatt.

Earning athlete of the year awards were juniors Zoe and Ben and seniors to Sydney and Bill.

Grades 10 -12 students on the honour roll were Noah and Sadie. Earning honour roll with distinction were Jack, Owen, David, Sydney, Katelyn, Bill and Lynden. Highest averages were attained by Jack and Lynden.

Heart of a Bruin awards honour students who consistently exemplify qualities like kindness, selflessness, caring, respect and strong work ethics. These went to: K – Ellie, Oliver and Hadley; Grade 1 and 2 – Lily and Shelby; Grade 3 and 4 – Max G. and Milayna; Grade 5 and 6 – Anna and Silas.

Humanitarian awards recognize students who excel in writing, reading, social issues, current events, history and/or social studies. Earning awards were Abbey in juniors and Bill in seniors. Analytics award to students who excel in numeracy, science, computer science, technology, innovation and/or logic went to Casey W. in juniors and Jack in seniors.

Artist awards to recognize student who excel in performing arts including drama, visual art, dance, music and/or creativity and were awarded to Zoe in juniors and David in seniors.

A special presentation by school community council members Gwen Dyck and Kim Worona of a framed photo of the old Borden bridge was given to principal Brody Morris, who is leaving Borden at the end of June.

Students receiving certificates and cash prizes for posters created for wildlife and wetlands preservation were Brielle, Matt, Hope, Olivia and Alex G.

Borden School staff this past year has included Brody Morris, principal; administration assistant Angelena Lukan; custodian Marylee Mikituk; teachers Gina Moir, Rebecca Gudnason, Terri Troupe-Logue, Chase Fouhy, MacKenzie Martell, Nicole Kaufman, Brendan Proctor, Rebecca Ryde and EAs Linda Yuskiw and April Rothenburger. New principal will be Trevor Gerwing who was curriculum consultant with Ministry of Education and before that administrator at Carpenter High School in Meadow Lake. Gina Moir will be out on maternity leave and filling in is Camryn Junop coming from Hanley School. The SCC members are Melissa Braun, Gwen Dyck, Alana Gunsch, Beth Usselman, Kim Worona, Melissa Hosegood, Brooke Rideout, staff B. Morris, Gina Smith and division representative Ken Crush.

The Borden Community Centre was beautifully decorated in blue, silver and black streamers, balloons and photos on a black backdrop for the Class of 2022 graduation ceremony held on June 10. Principal Brody Morris introduced the grads and their escorts as they entered the hall under the decorated archway. Graduates are Lynden Comeau, Teddie Cutting, Wyatt Dyck and Sadie Funk.

Mr. Morris gave a bit of history of each student, some of their accomplishments through the year and what they planned for the future. Thank you speeches and replies were given by Teddie to the parents with his mom Lynne replying and Lynden to the staff and MacKenzie Martell replied. Sadie thanked the coaches with Nicole Kaufman replying. Wyatt thanked the bus drivers and Darrel Wiebe replied. Sadie thanked the Grade 11s and their parents for all their work in decorating, organizing the Power Point presentation and setting up for the evening.

The valedictorian address was given by Teddy. Guest speaker was Baylee Kauk, who had her first teaching job at Borden. She said the students taught her as much as she taught them.

Mr. Morris presented the scrolls, the Grads presented roses to their parents and family and then the Grade 11s gave a PowerPoint presentation showing each of the grads during their baby, school and growing up years. The grads and escorts left the stage and hall while the centre was set up for the dance to follow.

Winning the June 17 50/50 at the Borden Farmers Market was Maureen Kindt of Radisson. The farmers market will be going ahead as usual on Friday, July 1, even though it is a Canada Day holiday. Except for Gas Plus, other businesses will be closed in Borden for July 1.

Congratulations to Jason and Amanda Rempel of Borden on the birth of a son, Brody Rio, on June 19, weighing 7 lbs 11 oz, a baby brother for Kaci and Aubrey. Proud grandparents are Ruben and Martha Rempel of Borden.