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Do Drop In coffee draws a dozen folks

Meota News: Bridge club members share surprise birthday party
meota elevator book
Jack Robson and Warren Iverson have been collecting photographs of Saskatchewan elevators, amassing more than 2,000 between them. A selection of the photos have been compiled into The Book of Saskatchewan Grain Elevators, a coffee table book. The book design was done by Trudy Janssens and printed by Mister Print Company in Saskatoon. The photos are listed alphabetically in 191 glossy pages. The book sells for $100 and copies are selling quickly. Contact Warren Iverson of Meota at 306-892-2229 if you’d like a copy. In the photo are Warren and Elaine Iverson, Trudy and Leo Janssens, Lyle Boulton of Mister Print, Mardelle and Jack Robson.

Though the rains came too late for crops, the fact that now the hills and pastures and roadsides are green again is a bonus. The whole world just looks happier and healthier again.

A surprise birthday party combined with the regular bridge game was Aug. 26 in a private home in Battleford. There was a potluck supper and birthday cake. There were enough players to form five and half tables. Top score in Section A was by Vern Iverson and David Sharpe. Second were Maureen Campbell and Fraser Glen. Third were Margaret Dyck and Dave Creegan and fourth were Betsy and Bob Brown. Section B had top mark by Betsy and Bob Brown and second were Gerry Craig and Mary Phelps. In the afternoon of Aug. 31 in the city there were three and a half tables in play. First were Donna Scherman and Gerry Craig. Tied for second and third were Albert Blais and Margaret Dyck along with Anna Waldbillig and Vern Iverson. 

In the CAA road report of the 10 worst roads in the province I see that they missed the road from Spiritwood to Chitek Lake. This has been on the list for many years and they still have done nothing to it, so imagine how bad the roads mentioned must be.

Gathering at the Do Drop In on Wednesday morning were more than a dozen folks who came out to share interesting stories over a cup of coffee. Folks also got to meet a new summer resident, Diane Garret, from Beaumont, Alta. who has gone home until next year. Also welcomed into the village are Abbey and Kent McLeod and their daughter. They are living next door to the credit union building, moving out from North Battleford to enjoy living at the lake. We hope they enjoy every minute at their new location.

Feeding the local birds these days takes a lot of feed. Every day or two the feeders need filling and they do enjoy the bird bath, but don't bathe in it now like the robins were doing so often earlier in the summer. 

On Thursday, Sept. 2 there were three tables of bridge at the Pioneer Hall in the city with top score going to Vern Iverson and David Sharpe followed by Jean Lowes and Fraser Glen.

Worship services began again at the United-Anglican Church in Meota Sept. 5 and will continue every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. until the end of November when the time will change to 1:30 p.m.

Driving into the city these days one has to commend the city workers who tend the flower pots, as they are outstanding again this summer. Driving or walking around most centres you will find nice flowers just outdoing themselves. The maple trees and most trees are starting to turn colour. The combines are running and what crop there is is coming in. We looked at the bean crop south of the village and the second growth in that will be a problem for the farmer. It's about half and half, ripe and green. 

The golf course is staying a nice green. Dead and broken trees are being taken care of, so it stays a pretty picture. There is lots of activity going on out there and folks are dreading the thought of closing up for winter.

Bev McCrimmon has moved into Meadow Sweet Manor in Battleford and now will be on the ground floor. We wish her all the best in her new environment.