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Electricity, uranium and carbon pricing addressed in free educational events

Sustainability Speakers Series: Exploring topics relating to sustainability of life on Earth
Saskatchewan Environmental Society is hosting a fall series of free events discussing topics related to climate and sustainability.

SASKATOON - The Saskatchewan Environmental Society is offering a series of free public educational events that relate to sustainability for life on Earth including climate change.

The Sustainability Speakers Series is a monthly online event hosted in partnership with the Saskatoon Public Library.

The fall series begins Sept. 21 with Electricity in Saskatchewan: Current Status, Future Prospects

In recent years SaskPower has transitioned from providing electricity primarily from coal-fired power stations to gas-fired power stations. The realities of climate change, however, require that SaskPower achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions within two decades.

Bob Halliday will discuss recent changes in electricity generation in Saskatchewan, SaskPower’s current course on electricity generation, and will present a plan for electricity generation with net-zero emissions by 2040. 

The Oct. 19 topic is Uranium – Premises, Promises and Predicaments.

Uranium is a powerful energy source with unusual byproducts. Two dozen radioactive “progeny” are found in the ore when uranium is mined. Hundreds more radioactive offspring are created when uranium fuels a nuclear reactor. 

Gordon Edwards will discuss what the future holds for uranium and its legacy of radioactive wastes. He will also explain why Canada’s climate change strategy should not include new nuclear reactors. 

Nov. 16 the topic is The Future of Climate Action in Saskatchewan Following the Supreme Court Of Canada's Carbon Pricing Decision.

As part of Canada’s response to the climate crisis, the federal government passed the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that this law is constitutional. The effect of this decision on efforts to reduce Saskatchewan’s greenhouse gas emissions will be discussed by Jason MacLean, of the Faculty of Law at the University of New Brunswick. 

Zoom links to the live webinars are in the Saskatoon Public Library’s program calendar at:

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Recordings of the presentations will be made available at: