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Elevation proves minor hurdle for Meota marathoner

Meota News: Do Drop In represented at SSAI convention
charles Baillargeon marathon web
Charles Baillargeon displays the medal he earned for completing a half marathon in Fort Collins, Col. recently.
MEOTA ‑  Another week of decent weather makes winter shorter but there is snow west of Edmonton, so we will be getting it soon enough. As long as the little water birds hang around they are telling us they can still find water to drink and aren't in a hurry to leave.

Anne and Charles Baillargeon visited their son Andre, Shari and grandchildren in Denver, Col. this past week. While in Denver, Charles registered and ran a half marathon in Fort Collins. Meota sits at 1,745 feet above sea level. However, the Fort Collins race started at 5,381 feet descending to 5,003 feet above sea level. The altitude difference had some impact, but Charles ran the 22.1-kilometre race in 2:05 hours.

The Saskatchewan Seniors Association Inc. (SSAI) convention was held in Saskatoon Oct. 13 and 14 after having to postpone last year’s convention. The Do Drop In was represented by three members: Linda Ard as a director and Gwen Lacerte and Vivianne Lesko as delegates. Arlene Walker attended to present history and culture of Norwegians in Canada during the multicultural presentations.

Over the two days, there were several speakers in person and by live stream who shared information ranging from the need to advocate for better home care supports for those who want to live in their own homes, improving care in long-term facilities, the need to take care of yourself as a caregiver for others, hearing aid information, free non-virtual activities by Studio Without Walls, a presentation by author Marion Mutala and a presentation by tornado hunters.

Several resolutions were passed that now must be presented to the government.

It was an occasion to network with the other clubs who attended. Some information about the convention is already posted on the SSAI’s website and more will be added in the coming weeks.

Tuesday afternoon bridge at the Pioneer Hall saw Donna Scherman and Fraser Glen along with Anna Waldbillig and Vern Iverson tied for top score. A general meeting was held ahead of the card games on Thursday evening, again at Pioneer Hall, with three tables in play. Top score went to Vern Iverson and David Sharpe. Second were Bea Prutti and Jean Lawes.

Granddaughter Sonya Bouvier from Calgary picked me up Sunday and we spent a week with her mother Sally up at Beauval. The girls did considerable "getting-ready-for-winter" jobs. I always enjoy that drive through the forest and the area where we lived for eight years, just north of Green Lake at Central Farm. That area is now managed as a community pasture, by the Village of Green Lake.

Sal's house sits up on the bank of the Beaver River from where we could watch the activity on the water. Several otters were fun to watch as were the ducks and geese. Birds at the feeders were mostly blue jays and grey jays, along with many smaller birds. The first evening grosbeaks of the season showed up one day and we had fun trying to identify other smaller birds. Along the farming sections there were millions of white snow geese and some Canadas.

There was heavy frost several nights before the beautiful petunias gave up their struggle to survive.

Coming home Friday morning there were lots of deer feeding along the ditches, from the Cowan River south, but there were also half a dozen carcasses south of Meadow Lake being consumed by the ravens. On the east side of the highway, north of Green Lake were piles of logs and they were being loaded onto trucks, heading to Meadow Lake mills. 

Canasta was played at the Do Drop In Friday afternoon with high scores going to Marion Ottas and Eric Callbeck. Second were Gail Hinderman and Janice Morton and third were Evelyn Dutton and Vern Iverson. Folks are so happy to be out and about again after such a long spell of being at home.

The wellness clinic was held in the Do Drop In Oct. 13, with the next one slated for Dec. 15. The plan for next year will be to have it on Thursday morning rather than Wednesday.