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Mayfair and District News: Rain brings a break from harvest work

Mayfair hosts harvest event Oct. 8.

MAYFAIR — There has been much pomp and pageantry these past 10 days since Queen Elizabeth’s passing at a remarkable age of 96 years. As thousands of people worldwide were interviewed, many agreed she was either a mother, grandmother or great-grandma figure to them. I for one, since a wee child, always watched Christmas evening to listen to her world-wide message. Let’s hope for the best for the new king of England and Commonwealth countries. Through this past week and a half, one certainly did learn much about England’s royal history if one chose to watch TV or listen to the radio.

Sincere condolences to Janelle (Otto) Lavallee of Mayfair on the recent passing of her dad, 76-year-old Andy Serhyenko of Hafford. He and wife Carol had a farm auction just three weeks ago. The RM of Meeting Lake office, where she is administrator, is still open while she is away for a couple of weeks.

Guests at my cabin last Friday were my good friend Shirley Lamontagne and her brother Jack Day from Shell Lake. We reminisced about good times as farm neighbours before she moved almost two years ago to a seniors’ housing complex, which holds 10 units. Much food, wine and, best of all, laughter was shared.

Saturday, I re-stained the 600-square-foot deck at my cabin. Sunday, finishing my deck project was more of a task as it was windy, so I was forever removing the pine needles and other debris in order to finish before taking supper to the harvesters 45 miles from Chitek. Never a dull moment this time of the year so the Monday’s rain is bringing much needed rest.

Henry Konopelski of Rabbit Lake celebrated his 97th birthday two weeks ago and wife Mary’s is on Sept. 29. Wishing both of you happiness and good health in your golden years.

The village of Maymont is having a big harvest bash Saturday, Oct. 8 in the Memorial Hall. It is advertised as Country Music Roast Beef Supper and Entertainment. Supper is at 5 p.m. and guests Shirley Johnson, Norm Rice, Leroy Sloan, Mike Dygert, Jon Sloan and Erin Foreman perform at 7 p.m. Admission is $25 for the meal, entertainment $20 or admission to both is $35. Kids six to 12 twelve years pay $10. Advance tickets only. To obtain them please call Bonnie at 306-389-4312; Dale 306-389-4301; or Judy 306-481-5475. I attended something like this about six years ago there. Those entertainers’ names bring back the wonderful evening we had. Come out for an excellent meal and toe-tapping music, as you will not be disappointed.

In two days, another season of many changes will be shared by all prairie folks. As gardeners hustle to bring in all produce, farmers wanting to complete the harvest, outdoor carpenters scurrying to do their building projects, highway construction crews wanting to complete their work before the snow falls and many more folks wrapping up golfing and other activities, the weather will have its ups and downs. The warmer clothing will certainly feel good as temperatures will dip below freezing one of these nights.


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