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Saskatchewan elevators subject of recently printed book

Mayfair News: Jim Chute performance brings locals together for music and fellowship

Twenty-five years in the making for a fabulous end result! It is a treasured book of Saskatchewan elevators by Warren Iverson, resident of Meota, and Mardelle and Jack Robson of Lanigan. The book design was done by Trudy Janssens and printed by Mister Print Company in Saskatoon. The photos are listed alphabetically in 191 glossy pages. The book sells for $100 and copies are selling quickly, so a second printing will be in process and in time for Christmas gifts.

The first Saskatchewan grain elevator was erected in Fleming in 1895. Many people donated photos for this book so the authors didn’t have to go racing to every little hamlet in Saskatchewan. Some places no longer exist on the prairies, but old photos surfaced. Many elevators were dismantled and moved as local farmers purchased them for grain storage. Very few were saved for historical reasons. Fifty years from now there will not long be any sign of these structures that once dotted the prairies.

The gardens have produced an abundance of vegetables, so many jars of pickles have been made according to many women I’ve talked with. Local market gardener Dora is pleased with the results but has been kept extremely busy satisfying her customers. Farm women are making a few dollars selling what they don’t need. For sure it is cheaper and fresher than what the grocery stores offer.

Jim Chute and bass guitarist Terry Hancock from Nipawin put on an excellent performance in Rabbit Lake Hall Aug. 28. Many couples danced throughout the evening. These concerts bring people together to enjoy the music and fellowship. Seventy-six-year-old Jim Chute is a cousin through marriage to Mayfair’s Alice Grigor.

Most people will be closing up their cabins this long September weekend as the summer season is drawing to an end. The scorching hot temperatures had people swarming the beaches and taking in other outdoor activities. Please watch for extra traffic this weekend because the highways will still have camping trailers and boats been towed slowing traffic down. Farmers will also have the large machines on busy roads so everyone please be alert, smart, and defensive behind the wheel.

We loved the rain but now really appreciate these warm sunny days to get the crops harvested. Too bad the yields are way lower than from previous years which equates to less money the economy will have. Somehow everyone will stay afloat.