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Seniors’ golf draws 17 participants

Meota News: Craft and trade show July 3.
Thursday is seniors’ golf day at the Meota Golf Club.

MEOTA — How pleasant it is to watch the young woodpeckers drinking at the bird bath., all a new experience for them. they have developed so quickly to full feathers.

The wind has been so strong following the heavy rain that we had earlier this week. My family found driving home to Alberta a stressful experience. However, the wind let up enough for the 17 senior golfers to get out and enjoy themselves June 9. There were no bugs to pester them, either. It was another close match with the winners, after a count back, being Gerry Goodheart, Terrence Dasilva, Elsa Ferguson and Lucille Gregoire.

June 16, 18 golfers turned out and most of them stayed for a potluck lunch. The five teams came in with close scores, but the winning team was Jack Day, Terrence Dasilva, Cora Christiansen and Eric Callbeck.

Meota ADRA craft and trade show is scheduled for July 3, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Meota Community Hall. For information or bookings call Hayley at 306-280-5483. 

There has been no word on swimming lessons planned for Meota, but we hope they are being organized and will let us know details, soon.

Many roads in Yellowstone National Park are washed out from the rains and rock slides have occurred so there will be very little tourist traffic this summer. It is one of the most exciting places to visit in the United States and not that far away.

Bridge players gathered in the Pioneer Hall June 14 with two tables, so they played individual scores. First was Vern Iverson and tied for second were Barbara Mitchell and Donna Scherman. 

They met again on June 16 with three tables and top couple was Linda Ard and David Sharpe. Second were Jeran Lawes and Fraser Glen. They will not meet June 21 but when they meet on June 23 they will be playing for charity; their annual meet for Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan. Donations are welcome.

Bryce and Erica Olson opened their new butcher shop in Spiritwood on June 16. They offer most meats and will be expanding as time progresses. We wish them well in their new venture.

Canasta was played Friday evening, with three full tables and one of three who played singly. Top score went to Dave Ottas and Gordon Klein. In second were Gwen Lacerte and David Sayers and a close third were Cora Christiansen and Eric Callbeck.

The Paynton ferry is closed because of high water levels.

My travelling daughter Joyce and her cousin Tony are in Norway enjoying the cruise that they missed out on when COVID broke out and they spent two weeks cruising on the Pacific Ocean, going nowhere. Will get a fuller report later.

A social afternoon with Sons of Norway at the park-like setting at the home of David and Marion Ottas in Edam, was enjoyed by over a dozen folks Saturday afternoon. The potluck supper was enjoyed and all appreciated the organizing and preparation that made the day a happy one.

There will be a bake sale at the United Church on July 2 at 9 a.m.