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Sons of Norway resume regular meetings

Meota News: Diligence will keep spring melt damage to a minimum
Snow Melt
While residents are happy to see the snow melt, level areas will need to be monitored to prevent damage from pooling water.

MEOTA ‑ Thank goodness there has been more snow hauled out of town. There is so much everywhere and water does like to get where it shouldn't be, at times. It will be another community effort to be rid of it without damage being done. At least the piles by the lakeshore will run into the lake, but the village itself is rather flat and sump pumps will be needed in places. 

Bridge was played at the Pioneer Hall Tuesday with top individual scores recorded. Tied for first were Donna and Cletus Scherman and second was Jeannine Beloin. Third was Barb Mitchell. On Thursday afternoon, with two and half tables, first couple was Mary Phelps and Gerry Craig. Second were Maureen Campbell and Cletus Scherman.

The Sons of Norway gathered at the lawn bowling clubhouse in the city March 16 for an afternoon of Norwegian whist, supper and a meeting. Fourteen members showed up to enjoy their time together. Winners of whist were Joyce Luckey, Eric Callbeck, Janice Morton and Adele Raciciot. Time passed while we waited for supper delivery and a nice social time was enjoyed. On supper's arrival, it turned out to be tasty and still warm.

The first meeting in two years followed with the executive in place ‑ president Arlene Walker, secretary Janice Morton and treasurer David Ottas.

Used stamps are being collected. Donors are asked to leave a small margin around each one and the stamp must not be damaged.

Former members who have passed away since the last gathering are Alice Soiseth, Ken Tucker, Willie Neal, Shirley Tebay and Junice Headley.

Lawn bowling will start up again in May.

A thank you card was read from a student who received a small scholarship from the club. Several suggestions were forthcoming on ideas for summer activities. In late May the annual sports weekend is being planned in High River, Alta.

The next meeting will be May 13, at the lawn bowling clubhouse. 

The fish shacks are being hauled in off the lake, the date for removal is March 31. Travel on the lake this winter has been a challenge with all the snow we've had.

The snowbirds are starting to return to their summer homes. We welcome them all as community activities need their participation to be successful.